You have a unique energetic piece to offer the world.
Usually it is a lack of trust and confidence that block the path ahead.
This class will take you into deep levels of trust within yourself and create an energetic shift into your “Plan B” agreement.

Your Plan B agreement is what you came here to do if the world changed its original course at the time of your incarnation.  Figuring out why you’re here is one of the most confusing rights of passage a human goes through, but now that the earth has changed her trajectory, many of us are going through this all over again.

It can feel like upheaval of your entire life, panic, anxiety, sudden illness, or that something inside of you just switched off and you’re thrown into the process of surviving, (paying the bills and putting food on the table) and re-discovering all over again what your purpose beyond survival actually is.

The foundation of all of this work is to establish energetically and mentally that 1– you are enough and 2- there is a plan for you that you can be consciously aware of and follow. In this class we’re going to journey you into several energetic states of imprinting and awareness, you’ll also meet with your unique team to be reminded of your special skill set and your reason for being here.

You have deep purpose in being here right now, and you have a  very new and unique piece of the collective energy conversation. This event works with deep quantum processes and nature intelligence.

Unlimited viewing for 90 days. Downloads are not available for this event.

Length: 1 hr 47 min

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