Why the Circle is Sacred Power

At this auspicious time on the planet, as we witness such intense division, where control is being weaponized, control of the Earth and Amazonian fires being allowed to burn recklessly at the expense of the many, control of the information being sent out designed to make you feel specifically what is wanted to extract from you, in an effort to control your thoughts and therefore predict your actions, we are being called to work. These are lines of separation, and when there are too many lines, the remedy will always be the circle.

The circle represents inclusivity of the whole. The circle represents a never-ending energy that feeds all who are connected to it.

The circle is the sacred elevation from human consciousness to Soul Consciousness.

We don’t walk up in dimension, we spiral through, in a circle.

The circle is a wheel.

If you wish to assist the raging fires around the planet right now, from a powerful energetic standpoint, go outside and stand facing a mighty tree, then wrap your arms around its trunk, creating a circle. As you breathe, allow yourself to align with the tree, become the tree and allow the tree to become you.  Then send all the love and appreciation you have for Nature to this tree and feel it fill its roots with this energy. If you stay quietly breathing, in appreciation, you may even begin to feel the tree share this love, this appreciation and this inclusivity on to its cluster and from that cluster through its roots to another cluster until your appreciation and love for Nature has travelled all around the globe, another circle.

This will help more than you realize, to try and balance the fear and devastation. It will also transmit this love and inclusivity to all who come in contact with any of the trees remaining on the planet, igniting a new energy conversation in regards to our relationship to Nature.

This is also why we are now gathering in a circle to connect and learn the sacred work of the Feminine Goddesses to reawaken our personal magic, transform ourselves and walk confidently in both this world and the otherworld.

Your magic is needed on this planet right now.

You did not come here, in this lifetime, to sit in the stands and watch. You came with purpose and your entire being knows it.  All that’s missing is the roadmap back to what you once knew as second Nature.

Yesterday as I completed the final recording for the upcoming Goddess Wheel of Magic series, I activated my Wheel and gave instructions to activate yours and connect it to mine and all the others, creating a circle. It was very sacred work. It began and ended with powerful blessings. Shortly after that my website went down…

I didn’t realize it was down until a client and friend alerted me. My Web Master and hosting company are in Greece, I heard this morning that my “database needed repair.” It turned out to be only one section, one cluster, and when I heard laughter over my shoulder I began to connect the dots. The sacred work of opening and activating my Goddess Wheel and creating the connection to the other wheels caused part of my database to break and realign.

That’s what we are each doing now, we are breaking the old patterns, we are transmuting our current ways of being and realigning ourselves to the ancient wisdom of inclusivity and balance. We are awakening our magic, so that we can learn to walk the timelines and call the future we wish to create into our now moment. We are reviewing our unconscious past, our limiting beliefs and we are transmuting them as we activate and hone our inner senses.

Conscious humans have entered a time of deep training for the path ahead…

We are entering a time of great change. You can choose to realign now and be in full awareness of your magic, working with the guardians of the knowledge, so you are in alignment and of powerful influence as we shift, or you can choose to stress your way through it. All choice is honored.

If you would like to deepen your knowledge and work with the powerful Deities who can show you the way, the Goddess Wheel of Magic may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Brigid of Kildare

Isis of Egypt in the deep inner temple

Sekhmet of Egypt, who is not at all what you’ve been told

And Viviane, the Lady of the Lake who rarely comes out from behind the Misty Veil, a trickster who speaks in riddles, willing now to work with those of true heart, to learn time, space, dimension and “realities of your essence alignments.”
We begin September 16th
Registration is filling up.

Book your space now.


It is time to take inventory of all the pieces of your life and realign them in accordance to your path ahead…

You are needed.

With deep love for the magic within you that is once again coming online…right on time.



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What my amazing clients have to say

…every private session and online event is a sacred space, where we also share our souls

I watched Meg’s class yesterday. I had a smile on my face the entire time because I was hearing just what I needed and somehow wanted to hear. As Meg’s words often do for me, they just clicked. I needed to be shaken a bit from where I was and at this time “just do you” was like hearing the words of Dog! I began to slip back into autopilot last night and was able to get out of my way. Today, I feel like I had an egoectomy. I feel so relieved to know that I can stand in my power and honor rather than question my empathic tendencies and sensitivities. I can alter my self judgement and turn it into fierceness.  Thanks Meg and Sam!

— Fran for Creating the world you want within the world that is

Even though we have touched on many of the subjects discussed in the Self Mastery Course before in private sessions, this time it hit me in my soul in a way it never has before. There is no way I will ever wander back into all the ways my life reflected my deepest vulnerability . My thoughts have changed as well as my actions. My team is always on my shoulder to remind when needed. Thank you again for this life altering course. I feel very fortunate.

— Fran or 4 week Self Mastery Series

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