Have you always wanted to walk in between the worlds?

I want to share a story with you about how easy it is to influence your current reality, but how confusing it can be if you convince yourself that it’s not “real.”

Having just completed recording the four directions of the Goddess Wheel of Magic, I started noticing how things were shifting much more regularly around me. When we work in the East with Isis, we are given the opportunity to receive “our true name.” This is a very sacred experience. I had just finished the final edits over the weekend.

While reading a book last night, about a young woman in Scotland studying the old ways, I came to a section where she was given a bitter herb and told “this will allow you to see the Goddess that you serve, and she will give you your true name.”  I chuckled to myself at “the coincidence.”

During her journey she was also seeking to find out her stray puppy’s name, and she began to hear her dog speak. “Are you really speaking to me, am I really hearing you?” she asked. “Why does that seem abnormal to you?” the dog answered.

Ok Spirit, you’ve got my attention now. “This is starting to run quite parallel to my life” I think to myself, as I hear Griffen snicker over my shoulder.

When Griffen snickers, I know there is mischief afoot.

As I completed the final video recording yesterday on how to join all of our Goddess Wheels together, I felt a deep awakening within me to the old ways, and to the sacred ceremony of the work becoming much more a part of my daily life. With that, I also kept seeing the old Druid Cross, a very significant talisman for me.

This morning, Greg (without knowing a thing about the sacred work I am finishing up) shows me this cross that he “came upon” yesterday on his way home.


My jaw dropped. It’s the perfect piece to place in the yard, where I have been working the Goddess Vortex. It would literally mark the land and create a living nemeton (sacred space) or betwixt and between place to commune with the otherworld.

I squeal at my husband’s ancient Druid wisdom and how psychic he is without realizing it and his deep connection to me, and we immediately whisk up Posey and climb into the Jeep, to drive to the stone builder to buy it.

We get there and right behind the Celtic Cross, I see two Griffin Gargoyles. I have looked for a pair of Griffin gargoyles or Lions for years now, nothing was ever what I was looking for, if I found any at all. Now they just happen to show themselves?

We find out that all three have just gone on sale this morning, resulting in the price for all three being equivalent to one.

I start to spin….something is happening…my head is dizzy….

And then it comes to me…


When your magic deepens, the guardians appear.

It is difficult for me at times to know what is real and what isn’t. But as Viviane always likes to ask “what exactly is real anyway?”

Oh there is so much in her segment that ties everything together. I can’t wait for you to experience her!

All I can say to you is this:

Magical things are happening since I started working with these Deities to create the  Goddess Wheel of Magic program.

It is about learning to walk with one foot in this world and one foot in the “otherworld” while also learning how to rebalance and allow.

You don’t have to work so hard for it, (life) but you do have to work hard to unlearn what you think you know.

If you want to learn to walk between the worlds, and do it under the guidance of four incredibly powerful Deities, you’re not going to want to miss this opportunity.

We begin September 16th

I hope you decide to join this very sacred group of women, gathering…

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