What’s in your nest?

In this month’s segment for the VirtualLight Broadcast on ESPAVOtv, I speak about the time between now and the Solstice and the importance of building our nest. I explain the energetic trajectory we are on and the recognition to be very conscious about our self-talk, our actions and our self-nurturing. There is a practical way to live every day in a Sacred Way to produce the results you are wanting. We are laying the tracks now for how we want to experience 2020.

For those who exist at a softer pace, the ones who slow down long enough to feel the trees and hear the wind whisper in their ear…this one’s for you.

Happy nest building…



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What my amazing clients have to say

…every private session and online event is a sacred space, where we also share our souls

I have used your She Witch oracle cards several times now and the outcomes are amazing!!
The messages are to the point, at the right moment and really answer my questions! It is unreal!!
One evening I even picked a card for my Heart Circle group (an international group with 6 amazing people) and the result was again really magical!!

— Gerrie for She-Witch Oracle Deck

Dear Meg,

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  What a brilliant program this Goddess Wheel is.  I’m so glad and grateful to have participated!  Yes, grateful and looking forward to what’s next.  I’ve continued to go deep this week, really feeling a foundational reset and lots of integration.

— Patricia for The Goddess Wheel of Magic

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