Watermelon Lemonade


This is the best, fresh, cold drink on the hottest “dog days” of summer. Watermelon is full of vital nutrients and vitamins, is known to help ward off cancer, is anti-inflammatory and guards against oxidative stress in the body. It is also an amazing kidney tonic. When you combine it with fresh lemon juice, you not only get a thirst quenching, satisfying drink, but a cooling, astringent tonic full of stabilizing vitamins to keep you properly hydrated.


1/2 fresh watermelon
1 lemon – squeezed juice only (do not blend peel or juice will be bitter)


Cut flesh from watermelon into cubes, squeeze juice of lemon, add to blender and blend until liquified.


Nature provides us with the most naturally nourishing food during every season, that our bodies most require. It is why local and seasonal eating is so healthy for you. The East Coast has been exceptionally hot and humid this summer, weather that can easily drain you of your vital nutrients. As you drink this elixir, thank Mother Nature for her wisdom, her bounty, her care of you, and find a way today to reciprocate that love. Send your love to the trees, the grass, the birds, the sun and midnight moon. Know how blessed you truly are, present here, in this moment, for there will be no other exactly like it.



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