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Thriving – Like you mean it
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Thriving – Like you mean it

You Have to Choose Your Freedom First

I can remember from the age of about 16 on that I wanted to be a writer. I grew up with a love of books and how they’d transport me to other worlds and realms. I loved to write stories. I won fun little awards in grade school for stories, [...]

How to know if you are quietly carrying shame

Shame…the dirty little well hidden secret so many of us carry around with a happy face sticker plastered over it. Don’t think you do? Think you’ve taken every spiritual lecture and self -empowerment series that you’ve Mastered it and couldn’t possibly? Yeah, I thought so too. Here’s what I’ve discovered… [...]

Beltane Holds the Energy of a Better World to Come

Beltane holds the energy of a better world to come. May 1 is celebrated as Beltane on the Celtic Wheel of the Year. It represents the midway point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. It is a time of fertility and celebration. It represents the merging of the masculine and [...]

Entering the Dark Moon

We are entering into a powerful two-day dark moon phase within the fiery sign of Aries.  This is important. This is energy that can be yielded for deep Spring cleaning of the Soul. Dark Moons are special. They do not occur every month. The dark moon is specifically when you [...]

Choosing the Path Ahead

Months ago, I had booked off from session work this weekend assuming Greg and I would be traveling to see his family for Easter. Since we are still observing the stay at home policy, this opened up some lovely quiet time for myself. Saturday, I made my wild blueberry lavender [...]

Resilience and Coming Home to Yourself

Growing up Irish Catholic, it always felt right when Good Friday was stormy. It was sunny just a moment ago and then the clouds rolled in and a hailstorm developed. With this global pandemic, the world faces so many emotions. I personally know people affected by illness and financial hardship. [...]