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Thriving – Like you mean it
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Thriving – Like you mean it

Trust in 2020

This is going to be the main theme for 2020. Trust. Not in others, or in the world magically changing overnight to the vision of love and unity we all hope for, the one of inclusivity, but a deep level of trust in yourself and your soul’s wisdom. When we [...]

Soul Nurturing for the Holidays

Not so much to be part of the “buy it you’ll feel better culture” rather more of a if your body and soul call out for extra balancing of heart and mind, for deepening peace and reassurance, for de-stressing and nurturing of the human body while wrapping you up in [...]

The Energy Conversation is Real

I’ve always been a literal spiritualist if there is such a term. It means, that whatever I am experiencing energetically will also create a physical manifestation as well. Sounds great right? It is, most of the time. But those times when everything starts to fall apart and you’re face down [...]

When Your Magic Deepens The Guardians Appear

Have you always wanted to walk in between the worlds? I want to share a story with you about how easy it is to influence your current reality, but how confusing it can be if you convince yourself that it’s not “real.” Having just completed recording the four directions of [...]

Black Moon Goddess Wheel

Today’s Moon is known as a Black Moon. It is the result of a Super-moon occurring on the day of the lunar New Moon. Astronomy explains that a Super-moon appears when a Full Moon or New Moon reaches its point of perigee – its closest orbit above the Earth. A [...]

Boundaries are more about Beliefs

An interesting conversation developed recently around the topic of boundaries. We spiritual folk know all too well the need for them in our lives but are we using them wisely? Are we able to backtrack and investigate that sacred moment just before our walls go up and our energy goes [...]