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Thriving – Like you mean it

A Time for Temperance

  The Temperance card in the traditional Tarot deck is usually depicted by a winged being, with glowing golden light around their head, signifying elevated consciousness, they are holding two vessels and pouring liquid between [...]

Have you Buried Your Dead Yet?

Dear Metamorphic Maven,   This time last year I was in the E.R. February 6thmarks the one-year anniversary of my fatal fall on the ice, while walking Sam and Nala last winter. That was the [...]

Moon Magic- The Kitchen Witch Way

Dear Goddess of the Moon and Ancient Ways, As I mentioned in my last love note, tonight at 11:41pm Eastern Time there will be the only full lunar eclipse for three years. There is deep [...]

The Wolf Lunar Eclipse

Dear Lunar Goddess,   On January 21, 2019 we will witness what has been coined as “the wolf lunar eclipse.” It is the term for a full moon, in January with a full lunar eclipse. [...]

The revolution is within…

Dear Goddess of the Light,   Did you feel it? Have you noticed the subtle confirmation that we are shifting back into more Light? Even if that means temporarily, longer days, lighter hearts, merrier interactions, [...]

Astral Projection & hitting reset

Dear Goddess of Electrical Rewiring, Just out of curiosity were you feeling out of sorts last week? Yes, I know we moved into the 11:11 and a new moon, and those are indeed enough, but [...]

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