Did you feel it?

Have you noticed the subtle confirmation that we are shifting back into more Light?

Even if that means temporarily, longer days, lighter hearts, merrier interactions, today, the Celestial alignment shifted into one where all of the Empaths can exhale…

You can exhale and let your guard down

You can trust your own intuition without double-checking your fear meter

You can breathe in and out and release the tension in your muscles that you’ve carried all year

The energetic shift is confirmation that you made it…


You made it past a very challenging year

A year that could have broken you

A year that tested your trust in all others

Trust in yourself

You got lost on the path and found your way home, your home, in the deepest, quietest place within your Soul….

You made it

You’re still here

And the Universe just re-orchestrated itself to confirm this to you…

So breathe

Admire your own courage

Take a moment to be still, to be in awe, of your very own presence

And find the peaceful, existential gratitude on your exhale.

More to come lovelies…but for right now, I am basking in this

2018 was my destroyer and my best friend

It uncovered the deepest shadows and broke all my illusions

It took me within inches of breaking me

It took friends, it revealed lies, it ousted deception and answered my cries

for truth…

I started to crumble

And then I embraced every section of grueling work, peeling back layer after layer of myself, my story, my deepest vulnerabilities and my longing…

Longing to be longed for

Longing for truth

Longing to bury the truth I just found

Longing to be seen

Longing to heal

Longing to trust after deep betrayals

Longing not to long for anything….

And then it happened…

It never shows up in ways that are predictable, that’s ego

It never shows up in ways that are pretty and shiny, that’s butterflies and false sugar coating

It shows up in heart wrenching change, in chaos, in deep inner pain

And it shows up in glorious Light

The Light of truth you’ve been searching for

The Light of Confidence you’ve yearned for

The Light of Transparency…. but you must go first

You cannot demand from the world that which you have not yet observed within you

The revolution is within

And it is worthy….

And now the celestial alignment is confirming your very being this year…

Your courage

Your bravery

Your willingness

Between now and December 21, the Solstice, take rest, take care, take new air

And breathe sister Goddess, for you made it….

You might still be in the middle of something

You might be finding closure or forgiveness

You might not believe me…

And all of it is ok

2018 is completing

And 2019 is coming

And in the wise words of one of my favorite movie personas, Bridget Jones

“it’s absolutely got to be time for something not shit!”

Know that I celebrate you, in all of your wisdom, evolution and gorgeous sassiness.

The feminine is much more than a movement rising…

You are centuries of time, wounded and healing, piecing yourself back together, in the likeness of Diana, Goddess of the Hunt, the moon, your rebirth. She is the twin of Apollo, God of Light, and this moon, the Solstice moon, and a full moon this year, brings her so close, you can share the same inhale and exhale together.


Breathe in the magic you long for

Breathe out the residue of the lessons this year has brought you

Make sure your aim is true

And as the Universe shifts to allow your exhale, we complete 2018 with a renewed sense of vigor and mirth.

I may have broken and crumbled, but I also reassembled, and sometimes we need to reassemble ourselves in a new order that will stand the test of time.

Light, Rebirth, Moon, Hunt, Hunger, Wild Nature, Love…

Welcome to the Solstice lovelies

Welcome to the vast knowledge within you..

And welcome to your preparation for 2019.

Gabriel’s Oboe, composed by Ennio Morricone, performed by Yo Yo Ma tells the story perfectly

(and if you read my book, you know that Gabriel always shows up at the most important times…)

Listen here

Can you hear yourself?

Can you feel the Light enter you?

Can you trust yourself enough to open…

Can you celebrate all of you in all of 2018?

Can you release the emotions you’ve carried in shame all year?

And can you re-emerge, lighter, brighter, cleaner, clearer, more open …

Open to the time of winter reflection, introspection of the new light within, and begin your winter dreaming of that which you wish to birth in the Spring.

I leave you with one of the most powerful quotes I have loved (and kept in my back pocket, literally, for years)

“She transforms her own dark into her own light. She sees her private shadows – and loves them. She meets her emotional depths – and owns it. She faces her private fears of separation – and rises above the illusion. She is the source of her Self and she is always in a state of greater becoming.” ~ Molly McCord

Wishing you the sweetest of Solstice Blessings,

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