In this month’s installment of my VirtualLight Broadcast segment I speak about the unprecedented events that have recently unfolded in the U.S. Senate hearing to appoint Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. On September 27, 2018, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified in front of the Senate Committee and every woman around the world (whether she was watching in full awareness, or feeling it through the energetic web we are all connected to) was triggered. We collectively and individually felt her pain. We felt our own pain. We each have a story, dark secrets we are ashamed of hidden behind locked doors and those doors not only just opened, they blew off their hinges.  There is much more going on than we sometimes remember. There is Soul Mastery at play when we add consciousness into the conversation.

I should also mention that in this segment, I speak of my own experience with sexual assault, a date rape, for the very first time publicly. In fact, I had never uttered a word about it until 3 months ago to my husband, during my deep healing process since my fall and knee injury in February and a deep healing process we were undergoing in our relationship.

Times are changing radically, the game is changing against the odds. In my opinion it took incredible courage and bravery to choose to be incarnated as a woman now, during this time of great shift from shadow, power and corruption back into transparent and translucent Light. And in our agreement to do so, some incredibly sensitive, heart driven, honest and caring men agreed to incarnate too, like my husband, to help us hold our balance.

With the deepest of bows for your courage, your bravery and your powerful commitment to your own translucent light on this journey,


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