I’ve always been a literal spiritualist if there is such a term.

It means, that whatever I am experiencing energetically will also create a physical manifestation as well. Sounds great right? It is, most of the time. But those times when everything starts to fall apart and you’re face down in the mud, literally, well those times, I call those times my “down and dirty play this game called human like you mean it times.”

My spiritual growth has never come from the “always looking fresh as a daisy” tribe. I seriously doubt they exist, because anyone who projects an exterior of always being perfectly ok, filled with “light and love”, usually has a lot of unfinished business lurking just underneath.

Thankfully, I’ve learned that once you really get the hang of it, it doesn’t have to be so polarized and jarring. It can become a lot more fun to see what you’re capable of, if you’re taking full responsibility for yourself and your energy.

The energy conversation you’re having with the Universe is real. So real in fact, that you create its match right in front of you based on these three things:

  • the clarity of your focus
  • the dominant vibration
  • your willingness to allow it and not control it

Yeah, that third one…that’s the key isn’t it? We all know what our desires are, and to make them our dominant vibration we really have to look at our beliefs around them, because creation happens all day, every day. So if you’re desire isn’t yet turning up, the lack of the creation is telling you that you’ve got a different belief, running crossways of it, that’s a stronger vibrational truth for you that the Universe matches. So the lack of your desire is your perfect creation. Did you hear that?

If you only knew how powerful you are, you’d stop getting caught up in what you deserve, or who’s fault it is that you don’t yet have what you want, and you’d own your magnificent creation of lack and see your power, right there, face down in the mud.

If you heard that, you should be laughing, because you know it’s true, and you also know that we all do it…it’s called learning Mastery.

Recently my energy conversation has been all about creating the content for the Goddess Wheel of Magic, since Brigid, Isis, Sekhmet and Viviane all stepped forward. I had been having conversations with my team, asking questions and observing my own process and then these powerhouse Deities stepped forward and created a spiral wheel that represents all four directions and elements (earth, air, fire, water) plus the center space of pause, of sovereignty, of allowing all the magic from the four directions to come together and create alchemy- also known as creation.

My literal manifestation of it however is laughable. I wrote in a previous article that as I completed the final recording – activating my wheel and connecting all of yours to it- my website went down (air element) and one cluster of my database required realignment. Since then, our water tank leaked into the basement (water, obviously, lol) and we had to have a brand new tank installed last Thursday. That very afternoon the boiler broke, (fire) and emergency service came and informed us that we had to install a brand new boiler, which arrives tomorrow. My husband was starting to redo our deck after putting his foot through one section, but found that the boards underneath were beyond repair, so we’ve now gutted the entire area and are building a brand new deck (earth.)


Every. Single. Direction. And. Element. Literally exploded and required replacing with upgrades since I activated my Wheel. This series should come with a warning! Just kidding. My experience has been much more intense because my Wheel is what anchors all of yours. Earth, Air, Fire and Water all needed to be strongly realigned in order to anchor the circle we are creating.

The fun part (when you get the hang of it) is step 3, staying out of fear and allowing it all. Our nextdoor neighbor (a really nice farmer) drove over on his big bulldozer and in a matter of two hours leveled the deck area, so we are actually able to build a bigger deck now. I had just paid the contract with the fuel company for service, which saved us $1,000 on the cost of the new boiler and no fee for labor. (Timing is everything!) I just received a check from a client in the mail, paying for the new water tank. And, Greg and I were booked to go to NYC overnight Friday to see Tom Kenyon on Saturday, (I’ll save that existential conversation for another day) so we weren’t even inconvenience by the lack of hot water whatsoever. Our stay in pet sitter is local, so she skipped her morning shower until she went home, and Posey didn’t have to have a bath today. Hmm, I suspect Posey may have had a hand in things given the win for her. LOL.

I have to say, Greg’s been a trooper. He’s been giving me a lot of these faces 😳 as one after another things broke, leaked and were hauled away, but he trusts me and supports my work unconditionally. I’ve had to remember to give him a lot more of these faces in return 🥰.

This new 4 week series is designed to help you master these three steps while traveling to the otherworld, meeting and receiving guidance, initiations and activations in real time with these extraordinary Deities who are here because of our asking questions and because of the lack of balance without the Goddess representation, going forward as a collective.

If you want to take full responsibility for your energy conversation and your physical manifestations, if you want to learn to keep extraordinary spiritual company with your Goddess ancestors who love you like a mother loves her most precious child, the Goddess Wheel of Magic begins tomorrow.

This certification training is one you don’t want to miss.

Learn to transform yourself, then help others to do it too.

If you want to study with me personally, be sure to check out my private session work available and my new course Communications across the Misty Veil

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