Straight Talk on Life and Love2018-05-31T02:36:40-04:00

Straight Talk on Life and Love

Healing Ley Lines Activating within Humanity

Dear Sacred Goddess,   Today is the full moon and it is also Good Friday, for those who celebrate Easter. This particular moon is called the “pink moon” named after the first wildflowers to bloom [...]

There is a howling for love…

Dear Lover of the Wild,   This date, February 14th, in history tends to conjure up a myriad of emotions. Many people celebrate this as a day of love, or even the day of love for [...]

Moon Magic- The Kitchen Witch Way

Dear Goddess of the Moon and Ancient Ways, As I mentioned in my last love note, tonight at 11:41pm Eastern Time there will be the only full lunar eclipse for three years. There is deep [...]

The Wolf Lunar Eclipse

Dear Lunar Goddess,   On January 21, 2019 we will witness what has been coined as “the wolf lunar eclipse.” It is the term for a full moon, in January with a full lunar eclipse. [...]

Mabon Celebrations

Dear Goddess of the Renewed Flame, As we arrive at the Autumn Equinox, or what our ancestors called Mabon, it is a time of celebration of harvest, of pondering all that we have received and [...]


I woke this morning recalling a time nine years ago when I hosted Steve and Barbara in Big Bear California for their annual 09-09-09 conference. Nine years ago, such a short period of time, but [...]

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