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Straight Talk on Life and Love
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Straight Talk on Life and Love

Boundaries are more about Beliefs

An interesting conversation developed recently around the topic of boundaries. We spiritual folk know all too well the need for them in our lives but are we using them wisely? Are we able to backtrack and investigate that sacred moment just before our walls go up and our energy goes [...]

The Time of Transformation

As we move further into the “dog days of summer” (if you didn’t get a chance to see my last VirtualLight Broadcast segment explaining what that means you can watch it here) we are in some really extraordinary energy and that means we have some extraordinary opportunities as well. We are [...]

The In Between will never force itself upon you

In follow up to my last newsletter Are we living in a Shadow Reality I had an experience the next morning with a tech call into Apple. I run a women’s study group twice a month that I record. After the most recent call, I was receiving a message that [...]

Are we living in a Shadow Reality?

Are we living in a shadow reality? What is reality and what is perception? In a recent Alchemy call with a group of ladies who study with me, I shared a quote I’d come across that made me stop and take a breath. Usually, when I have that response, time stands still [...]

How to Know If Fear Is Your Base Motivation?

How can you tell if the choices you are making stem from fear? If you find you are “convincing” yourself or “talking yourself” into doing things chances are you are not doing what you truly desire but what you think you need to do for others. The question is why? Why [...]

Healing Ley Lines Activating within Humanity

  This particular moon is called the “pink moon” named after the first wildflowers to bloom in early spring here in North America. Our Magnolia tree in the front yard is filling out with buds preparing to bloom. By this time next week she might actually be full of beautiful [...]