Not so much to be part of the “buy it you’ll feel better culture” rather more of a if your body and soul call out for extra balancing of heart and mind, for deepening peace and reassurance, for de-stressing and nurturing of the human body while wrapping you up in a spiritual balm to move you through this busy season, then there might be something here for you to consider.

You see, there is only one unique you, and you have contributions to make to this world. It’s not about the title or income (although we all must pay our bills and feel good about where we spend our energy and time.) It’s about a deep inner wisdom that teaches us to walk in confidence, in presence and in profound awareness. This is what makes all stories of gurus so profound. They can work at a gas station but give out the best sage advice and change people’s lives, simply by using their deep connection to Source.

Our connection is not based on how far we went in school, whether we were born into wealthy families, middle class or struggled daily to eat. It is not based on whether or not the world is fair or the stars are aligned for you…connection is based on how consciously aware you become by the sheer knowing it is available to you.

There is nothing unavailable to you.

There is a remembering required. There is an acceptance of your worth and capability required, and that’s where most of us stumble.

We have to remember that this realm of living, is a place of forgetting.

Our birth gives us a human body and life, but it leaves us blind to all other worlds and realities…and we are remembering our way back to inclusivity on all fronts, to wholeness and to connection to where we came from.

You, the sensitives, the empaths, those who intrinsically know that magic is real, have a sense of connection within you of all that’s been forgotten.

You know in your heart that this is true….

If you need a little reminding of your magnificence and the path to living consciously, you might find something interesting in the shop at a deeply reduced price and remember we start Self-Mastery January 13th. 

I can’t wait to bring another group of powerhouse spiritual women together to change their lives and their worlds!!!

As we kick off the holiday season, know that I appreciate you immensely, am intrinsically grateful for you and will forever be cheering you on.

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