Last month on the VLB, the Keeper of Time came on and said “there are those of you who wish to make 2018 go away, and we tell you more is to come in 2019- many of you may want to hide away- but we ask you to create small groups who come together to work with the earth.”

I felt like he was giving me the “I’m watching you” fingers, because you know, it’s always about relationships isn’t it? Relationships with others, lovers, colleagues, friends, children, parents, etc….and sometimes it’s just so much easier to hide away in my little house in the woods with nature…

Relationships can be difficult at times- when we disagree people withhold their love and all of our value is placed on how loved we feel isn’t it?

But would our value roll up and down so much if we loved ourselves enough to

  • not compare ourselves to others
  • not need anyone else’s agreement or permission to be who we are
  • not feel threatened or unsafe if our current agreements were to change – lover, job, home, family etc.

Those are no easy changes…

In my segment this month:

As we move slowly out of the time of darkness, the Autumn Equinox where the Light, daylight is shorter and we move now into Winter Solstice, the time where Light gets stronger and daylight grows longer, let us remember that we have the opportunity to release and heal the shadows we’ve kept locked away in that closet.

EMDR.  Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing. A psychotherapy treatment for stress, PTSD, anxiety, and so much more.

What happens in the long term memory storage as it comes out into the working memory, or “present time”?

We have the ability to process it and restore the long term memory with a new version of that memory. One that serves us.

Let this time serve you

Let this new added Solstice Light nurture you

Let the 2018 version of you go and expand into the new version of you, the 2019 version of you.

Let your Soul be your driver and your team be your alliance

Let your old judgments go…

Let new Light in….in the manifested form of your desires…


Wishing you Solstice Blessings, Yule Tidings, the Merriest of Holidays, and a Happy Healthy and Joyous New Year,


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