So where do we go next?

In this month’s segment for the VirtualLight Broadcast on ESPAVOtv, continuing on from last month’s “what do YOU want” we shift into “so where do we go next?” I talk about the feminine, in her triple glorious aspects and how she’s the path ahead now. Every woman has three Goddesses with her; The Goddess of Battle, the Goddess of Prophecy and the Goddess of Sovereignty. For most, one or more are out of balance and when called upon come off like a rocket, or they’re not called upon at all.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be fierce when necessary (and unapologetically so), laser sharp in your ability to see the road ahead and understand the prophesies about to play out, and be in strong relationship to yourself first and then the world around you?

It is very important that we individually feel confident and clear on who we are and what we’re here to do as we move forward…

For all women, whether you’re fiery or soothing, a rocket rider or quiet daydreamer, YOU are a triple Goddess and we’re about to bring them all into alignment…

This one’s for you.

Hi, I’m Meg, welcome to!

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What my amazing clients have to say

…every private session and online event is a sacred space, where we also share our souls

Because I am an organized person, I appreciated the structure of this course. Every week was a building block in a progression towards awareness. This course has changed me profoundly. I can choose to not live it, but I can never say, “I did not know”. Meg and her team created a safe and loving place for participants to express their deepest feelings. I feel deep gratitude and love for Meg and the beautiful and courageous women who journeyed with me. Meegwetch (Native for Thank-you.)

― Francine for 4 week Self Mastery Series

I loved it, truly, you hit exactly the right block that I couldn’t name, enabled me to connect things I hadn’t connected, and made me remember just how amazing I am and therefore how much more amazing I can be.

— Semele for Soul Shifting Session

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