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Sisters Unite

The Shakti Blue Moon is Calling

Dear  Iridescent Moon Goddess, Today is a full moon, and not just any full moon, a full blue moon. It is called a blue moon when it is the second full moon in a 30-day [...]

Walking a New Path…

I’ve just returned home from eight magical days in Belgium co-hosting the two events I’ve previously written to you about. My entire trip felt easy, guided and deeply special. But what does “easy and guided” really [...]

You Are The Container For The Soul

You are the container for the Soul, but did you also consider that also means, the Universe can fill you up, based on what the Soul wants, if you but create some space for it [...]

Compassionate Love

Dear Beautiful and Wise Soul, What do the words compassionate love conjure within you? What were the first thoughts that entered your mind? Are they thoughts of how much you appreciate yourself or thoughts of [...]

Merging Spirituality and Feminism Together

One of the things still off in society today is that we've kept feminism and spiritualism separate. We've marked feminism with attributes like fierceness, outspoken, strong, and we work to make our spirituality softer, open, [...]

Stay Righteous, Create Hope

There is so much “convincing” being passed around that it really matters to know your own thoughts, feelings and opinions on any subject you feel passionate about. And to be sure, not everyone will be [...]

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