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Sisters Unite
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Sisters Unite

Boundaries are more about Beliefs

An interesting conversation developed recently around the topic of boundaries. We spiritual folk know all too well the need for them in our lives but are we using them wisely? Are we able to backtrack and investigate that sacred moment just before our walls go up and our energy goes [...]

The Time of Transformation

As we move further into the “dog days of summer” (if you didn’t get a chance to see my last VirtualLight Broadcast segment explaining what that means you can watch it here) we are in some really extraordinary energy and that means we have some extraordinary opportunities as well. We are [...]

The In Between will never force itself upon you

In follow up to my last newsletter Are we living in a Shadow Reality I had an experience the next morning with a tech call into Apple. I run a women’s study group twice a month that I record. After the most recent call, I was receiving a message that [...]

The Center of Gravity. Your Heartspace.

Shhhhhhhhh Close Your Eyes…. Shhhhhhhh Quiet your mind… Slowly place your thoughts upon your heart. Shift your mind into your heartspace…. Have you ever wondered Why do we have to remind ourselves to treat ourselves well? Why do we work so hard to make others feel better about themselves but [...]

The Shakti Blue Moon is Calling

Today is a full moon, and not just any full moon, a full blue moon. It is called a blue moon when it is the second full moon in a 30-day cycle. This won’t happen again until Halloween night, 2020 (ok, so how much do I love that!) So why [...]

Walking a New Path…

I’ve just returned home from eight magical days in Belgium co-hosting the two events I’ve previously written to you about. My entire trip felt easy, guided and deeply special. But what does “easy and guided” really mean? My flights were great, not because they were perfect but because I was grateful. [...]