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Sisters Unite
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Sisters Unite

Remember Your Origin- Breaking the Friday the 13th Superstition

Did you know that there is a scientific name for the fear of the number 13? It’s called Triskaidekaphobia. Where did it come from you ask? It was coined as a legitimate condition causing fear and anxiety, after Friday the 13th was planted as “bad luck” or “a time of evil witchcraft.” [...]

Why the Circle is Sacred Power

At this auspicious time on the planet, as we witness such intense division, where control is being weaponized, control of the Earth and Amazonian fires being allowed to burn recklessly at the expense of the many, control of the information being sent out designed to make you feel specifically what [...]

When Your Magic Deepens The Guardians Appear

Have you always wanted to walk in between the worlds? I want to share a story with you about how easy it is to influence your current reality, but how confusing it can be if you convince yourself that it’s not “real.” Having just completed recording the four directions of [...]

Black Moon Goddess Wheel

Today’s Moon is known as a Black Moon. It is the result of a Super-moon occurring on the day of the lunar New Moon. Astronomy explains that a Super-moon appears when a Full Moon or New Moon reaches its point of perigee – its closest orbit above the Earth. A [...]

Boundaries are more about Beliefs

An interesting conversation developed recently around the topic of boundaries. We spiritual folk know all too well the need for them in our lives but are we using them wisely? Are we able to backtrack and investigate that sacred moment just before our walls go up and our energy goes [...]

The Time of Transformation

As we move further into the “dog days of summer” (if you didn’t get a chance to see my last VirtualLight Broadcast segment explaining what that means you can watch it here) we are in some really extraordinary energy and that means we have some extraordinary opportunities as well. We are [...]