The story of “She”

This Oracle deck has been a wish of mine for five years and considering it came together like magic, the timing was definitely right! Little did I know years ago, the story naturally unfolding around my brand “She.”

I created the “She-Wisdom” brand for teaching and supporting women to reconnect with their own Soul conversation, calling them forward to create the future they desire, here in the present moment.

The guidance of the Oracle

It is my deepest wish that you use this Oracle to connect with ancient wisdom and magic, to feel at least part of the immeasurable love and guidance you always have with you and around you, and you begin to really trust and intrinsically know that not only do you matter, you are magnificent and have much to contribute to the future of all that is. You are needed now more than ever to influence the trajectory of the collective. It’s time to remember your Soul’s Calling…

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Recently I’d been feeling the nudge to create a sister line, “She-Witch: Self-Care for the little witch in all of us.”  The first product of this line is the She-Witch Oracle Deck. In the not too distant future I plan to launch specially infused teas and Viviane is quite excited about Lady of the Lake Infused Bath Elixirs.

As always, with my team, they never tell me everything up front, they take much pleasure out of witnessing me follow my instincts and nudges and only when I’m close to the finish line do I hear laughter and excitement. Only then do they share a little insight and I can see how once again, just like I teach in my classes, “nothing is random and we are always on a trajectory.”

I am Irish on both parental lines. I have a deep connection to the ancestral lineage of Ireland. I can’t even recall how the Tuatha de Dannon found me, they just did, and it felt like home. If you are unfamiliar with them, they are an ancient race, thought to have magical powers that dwell in the Otherworld and interact with humans. They are deeply connected to the Earth, Nature and the Stars. They constitute a Pantheon and were associated with ancient passage tombs, considered to be portals between the worlds. They were written about as supernatural Kings and Queens and embodied what we would call “peaceful, loving, expansive and divine magic, used for the benefit of all.”

As legend tells it, a war was initiated by a rival race, one that used magic for control and operated from the darker, shadow side. The Tuatha de Dannon, seeing the darkness in humanity, chose to move into the Earth, under the rolling green hills and mountains. They became known as the Sidhe People, Sidhe in Gaelic meaning people of the mounds.  Many believe they chose to move back into the Otherworld, only interacting with humans whose intentions were for the good of all. St. Brighid who was both Druidess and Saint (no easy feat) is said to have been the daughter of the Tuatha de Dannon King, the Dagda and daughter of the Goddess Danu (which is also how Tuatha de Dannon translates- The People of Danu.) Click the next tab to learn the magic of Shee revealed…

One week after the deck was created I discovered that the Gaelic pronunciation of Sidhe is “Shee.”The Tuatha de Dannon became the Shee People. I nearly fell off my chair. My team roared with laughter at my naivety. Sometimes it really is still fun to be a human!

This deck seems to be taking on a life of it’s own. I have interest from stores in Salem, Massachusetts and so far anyone who has received a promotional deck to play with before placing a store order has come back with amazing testimonials of accuracy, power and a reverence for their energy.

They are designed as a question and answer kind of divination deck. For those wanting more direct communication with their Spirit Team, this deck will open your dialogue for you.

Think of your question then choose one card. For an in depth response, choose three cards.

  • Card One: What your Spirit Team wants you to know.
  • Card Two: The focus work your Team wants you to consider and create one action step from.
  • Card Three: A Sacred message from the future that your Soul’s Wisdom already knows.

One thing I will say is, I love how Milennials (the next generation of youth) are choosing to live outside the current set up for larger corporations to thrive and smaller businesses to struggle. I learned a great deal from a recent conversation with a young entrepreneurial witch and am in direct alignment with this model of business, which is outlined below.

These cards are not available on Amazon nor will they be. Amazon has made it next to impossible for small independent businesses to survive and make a small profit. After careful investigation, there were monthly seller account fees, taxes, fulfillment, upc code rentals (yes, rentals, new GS1 compliant barcodes are not easily sold for reasonable pricing anymore, they’re referred to by Amazon and they will “rent” you your codes at $250 initially with a $50 annual rental fee. There were about 7 additional fees, at which point, the little witch in me refused to play and decided I’d be my own distributor.

All orders will be placed through this website. Shipments across the United States will have a flat rate $6.00 shipping fee and sent via United States Postal Service. Product will arrive in 3-7 business days.

Canadian orders are placed here in US dollars and shipped from my Canadian Fulfillment Witch with a flat rate shipping fee of $12.00 USD

All European orders will be ordered in US dollars here and shipped from my European Fulfillment Witch
Belgium & the Netherlands will incur a flat rate $8.00 shipping fee and will arrive in 3-7 business days.
All other European Countries will be charged a flat rate $13.00 shipping fee and will arrive in 5-10 business days.

I am not currently shipping to Australia, New Zealand or Asia. It is not cost effective to do so currently.  If you would like to become a profit sharing fulfillment witch, contact me. If you would like to pay the postage to ship to any of these Countries contact me and I will make arrangements for you.

All shipping prices are based on single deck orders. Additional shipping rates will apply for multiple quantities.

The United States Postal Service has made it impossible to ship directly to New Zealand, Australia and Asia at this time. One deck would cost $24 USD to ship. After some digging I found the reason why. Currently, large subsidies are being offered to China to reduce China’s shipping costs. In attempt to make up for their losses, the USPS have raised their rates for local US residents three times in the past three years and plan to again in 2020. Currently, China can ship a 10 oz package from Bejing to my house for under $7.00 USD. For me to ship that same package to them, it would cost me almost $50 USD. If you want to read more about this, you can read the Forbes article here.

I will work with local female entrepreneurs, and global female fulfillment witches. If you’re a creative witch and would like be a part of things, get in touch with me. If you are a store witch and would like to carry these on consignment and profit share, contact me through the contact page on this site.

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