Today is Samhain, what the Irish Celts have considered to be the start of the New Year at the top of the Wheel of the Year.

They believed Samhain (pronounced Sah ween) to be a sacred day when time stood still. It was a demarcation point between shadow and light. The end of the harvest and the beginning of winter, signifying the sun’s decent into the underworld and the time to honor all aspects of shadow.

As humans, who have lost so much of our ancestral culture, we tend to avert our eyes to shadow, bury it behind a closed door, hoping never to face it. That would be an awful shame, as we have seen, for shadow buried begins to rot and morph into something unnatural. Shadow is not our enemy, or our deep shame, we each have a shadow side as well as light. It is only in embracing our shadow can we fully express our light.

Samhain is the center of that vortex, a day and night of equal shadow and light, when the veil is its thinnest.

The Celts celebrated through ritual to honor shadow, then turned to embrace a brand new year. First, the community bonfire was lit, all hearth fires were put out, then relit from the main bonfire via torch, signifying unity among the village.

Next, a place was set at each table to honor the ancestors, all who have transitioned before us, offering our gratitude and appreciation for their love and guidance. We are the culmination of all who have walked this earth before us.


After their evening meal, thanks for the passing year was given, pondering every harvest and every hardship.

Then celebrations were held around the main bonfire of the village. Many wore masks, to ward off any trickster spirits.  This is where our current celebrations and wearing of costumes for Halloween have emigrated from.

Many believed that on this night, connection with the spirit world was easier, but awareness was key, as they also believed that faeries and ne’er do well spirits also lurked about. Thus, wearing a mask of a trickster allowed you to pass among them unharmed.


As you move throughout your day today, ponder all that 2018 has gifted you with, through both the shadow and the light.

Set a place at your table tonight honoring your ancestors, and after dinner, release all that you are ready to let go of (oh boy, am I going to have a giant bonfire tonight!) into the flames of a fire. This can be your fireplace, or even a small lit candle. It is the energy of your intentions that matters most.

Before you retire for the night, give thanks, and turn to face your new Year of the Wheel with intentions to express all of who you are, in the most brilliant ways possible.

This year has been one of the most life-changing for me. Not since my initial spiritual awakening in 2002 have I undergone such intense initiations into the fire, re-emerging stronger, more connected and better equipped for this changing world. At my lowest of lows shadow was intense, but from the courage of all the powerful and wise Goddesses who have walked before me, I was able to move through to the other side. With both Griffen and now Sam at my back, Viviane holding my hand, an inner circle of sisters who held me up and my earthly husband, best friend and biggest supporter, I am still here, I am more driven and passionate than ever and I no longer give a fuck about fitting in or dimming down.

Are you ready for 2019? Have you faced your deepest shadows?  I know it can be scary, but I believe in you, you can do it and you will be stronger and more attuned to your own Soul’s Wisdom having done so.

Be Brave…Be Strong…Be the version of you that lights you up.

Never forget how incredibly magical you are…


With deep love and appreciation for your company along this journey,

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