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his book is the culmination of a three-year healing journey I embarked upon after being diagnosed with IBS and Hashimoto’s auto-immune disease. It contains over 130 recipes, each containing a custom intention designed to align your mind/emotions with your body and your soul together. This magical triad has the potential to transform you- if you allow it- to a newly restored human who embraces his or her Divine Self and recognizes the power of the mind when in communication with the body at the guidance of the Soul.

The concept of all of my recipes is first and foremost to nurture you, then wrap you up in textures and flavors that tickle your senses and energize and begin to heal your body.  The customized intentions are designed to get the attention of your mind and engage it in positive belief patterns, weaving energies and frequencies around you and your energy field, creating a harmonic bond to continue to inspire you to claim your wellness and power.

Filled with blessings both seen and unseen, this digital graphic version took almost one full year to complete.

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