Pepper Lewis

“Meg is the ‘missing ingredient’ in every event that did not turn out as hoped for or expected. She is the solution to every awkward moment and the answer to everything you simply cannot do on your own.”

– Pepper Lewis
Author, Lecturer, Visionary

Barry Goldstein

“There are so many ingredients necessary to create a powerful event; Focus, Clarity, Integrity, Intention, Organizational Skills, Attention to details, Follow Through, and being ready to trouble shoot every situation in a soul-ution oriented way.  Having been involved in many live events on a global level, it is not unusual for the event planners I have worked with to possess some of these traits listed to create a successful event.  What is unusual is when I have the privilege of experiencing someone who possesses all of the above ingredients.  The results move beyond just success, they move towards spiritual nourishment.

Meg combines the above ingredients with her own unique spicy personality of love, humor, awareness, creativity and groundedness to create the perfect recipe for each individual, group or corporation she works with.  Like Grandma’s famous recipe’s we follow it’s great but never as good as the original…Meg is the Original and the real deal!”

– Barry Goldstein
Global Sound Healer and Grammy Winning Producer

Sandie Sedgbeer

“I have known Meg for several years, during which time I have been blessed to both witness and experience first hand her diverse and impressive range of skills. As an Event Planner and Co-Ordinator, she is everything a client could possibly want: totally reliable, efficient, and always on top of every little detail. She is a knowledgeable, compassionate and gifted intuitive and energy worker. And she is also an extremely well-informed health and wellness advisor.
It’s rare that I come across someone whom I would feel comfortable consulting in both a personal and a professional capacity, but I would not hesitate to consult Meg in any one of her very capable capacities.”

– Sandie Sedgbeer
Author, radio show host, and founder of Creative Media, Marketing, and Publishing Services

James Twyman

“I’ve had the chance to work with Meg, and the first feeling I had when we finally met was – family. She made me feel so at home and welcomed, which of course, added to my own ability to share deeply with the audience. I highly recommend her in every regard. She not only knows how to get the job done, but holds the light so brilliantly. Those are qualities not often seen in this field.”

– Jimmy Twyman
World Peace Troubadour

Steve and Barbara Rother

“Meg began working with Lightworker as an event host in her home town in Canada. She became an integral part of our entire organization in a few short years as Lightworker’s Event Manager. Meg’s organizational and communication skills are matched only by her inner sense of what people want.  She has a gift for bringing together spiritual family and has the natural ability to empower people on a personal or business level as she finds the perfect solution for even the most difficult challenges. She touches everyone she meets with her spirit of humor and warmth.

She is one of the people who not only learns the new energy but lives every moment within it. In all the years that we have worked with Meg, she has never let us down and has become one of the important pillars of our organization while remaining a very close and dear friend. She has brought a unique vision and has an amazing intuition to find the root cause or restriction in any area, be it in health or getting out a message to the public.

She has an uncanny ability to make things work or she will get frustrated, just jump in and figure out another way.  Direct and straight to the point Meg is always willing to share her honest point of view and to offer her highly valued advice.

Similar to a Feng Shui Master who clears the path for energy to flow within a space, Meg has the ability to make her projects flow and come together magically. Meg has a heart of gold and is always willing to help anyone anywhere.  If you are ready to move forward in your life, Meg is there to support and motivate you.”

– Steve & Barbara Rother
Authors, International Presenters and Hosts of the VirtualLight Broadcast from

Geoffrey Hoppe

Meg is an Event Angel. Really. You know how some events just seem to flow gracefully, while others are a series of endless headaches? Meg not only handles the pre-conference details with ease and grace, but once the conference starts she brings her Event Angel aspect in to keep the energy balanced, focused, and running like a fine-tuned engine. Call it magic, call it years of experience, but Meg is truly a blessing when it comes to successful meetings. If you don’t have Meg on your team, please sign her up right away.

– Geoffrey Hoppe