This class is the third of Sam’s teachings through Meg. He says that in order for us to proceed forward into our full expressions, we have to create a solid foundation now of Trust of Self at the Soul level.

If you are not familiar with Sam or Griffen please see my Virtual Light Broadcast video on Sam here and my book Conversations with Dog: Making an ordinary life Extraordinary here.

So many women I work with right now (including myself) are finding themselves in waters they haven’t yet navigated.

How do we learn to find our comfortable energy frequency template so that we feel:

  • safe in the world
  • confident in our manifestation abilities
  • comfortable in our relationships
  • balanced in our connections with all others, including self
  • powerful in our existence here as women

Most of us tend to over or under-function in relationships, while telling a story to justify where we are.

Once we break down what we are in effect doing and unpack it all, we realize there is a very different conversation taking place underneath the one we are telling.

In this class you will be taken through a practical process to determine:

  • if you are over or under-functioning in your relationships
  • where your deepest pain resides
  • how to repair it
  • what authentic trust of self is
  • how to access it and depend on it
  • move into a deep level of your feminine power

My team and I will also take you on a meditation journey at the end of class, to meet your soul group that resides on the other side of the veil, who are a large part of your soul guidance team, that work with you in this incarnation. This is a deeply moving experience that will leave you knowing beyond doubt, that you have all you will ever need to live the life you want to be living.

Length: 1 hour 17 minutes

Downloads Available: in both Video (mp4) and Audio (mp3)

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