“Connecting With the Goddess Wheel was one of the most pivot online trainings I’ve done in the last twenty years.  Since completing the course, I regularly connect with the four Ladies of the Wheel, receiving profound and accurate guidance each time.  I’ve shed fears and limiting beliefs, gotten accurate information on next steps in my personal and professional life, and feel a new sense of confidence, even though I was already pretty confident prior to the course.  If you feel called to this enhancing work, I can give it my highest recommendation.”

-Lynne Klippel, Best-Selling Author of Women of Scar Clan, and CEO of Thomas Noble Publishing

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This training was original offered only once a year, but given the world scenarios of late, my team wanted this program open and available to all seeking its guidance and training. For that reason, I have reduced the price by 50%. Since I cannot open Skype calls for this again, I will field any questions from participants in our private Facebook community. Once registered, simply email me here and we’ll add you to the group.

Certified Training as a Goddess Wheel of Magic Facilitator

This series is designed to teach you about four extraordinary Deities who have come forward to work with you in real time. The Wheel is a path of life, knowing who to work with, when and how, can create an extraordinary life experience for you if you choose it. This is information that is brand new and not available anywhere else. This is not a medicine wheel nor is it based on any teachings currently available. This has been created based on my inner conversations with my team, plus my studies of the Celtic and Egyptian Ancestries. Four Feminine Deities stepped in, each chose a direction and began conveying focused work that is not only relevant but very necessary at this time on our planet.

Do you wish to deepen your Spiritual Practice and begin to create more magic in your life?

Are you feeling a Soul Calling to remember the Old Ways of working across the Misty Veil?

Do you want to increase your feminine confidence and help other women to do the same?

Are you tired of feeling overworked, under appreciated and in need of some otherworld magic?

Do you resonate deeply when you read about Initiations and Mystery School Teachings?

Are you a woman who’s pretty damn sick of having to play this game like a man?

Are you interested in creating a Sacred Goddess Wheel in your home and connect it with other sisters around the World, so that all may draw upon it with the guidance of the Four Deities who govern it?

Are you looking to add more magic to session work you currently offer with clients?

This 4-week course may be just what your Soul has been looking for…

Week 1: North. Brigid

In week 1 you are introduced to Brigid of Kildare. We learn her story as she wants it told, and we receive real time guidance from her. We travel to the bridge between Human and Soul and we bring back a very sacred otherworld ally to work with you in your daily life. Brigid councils us within a sacred meeting on what it means to have absolute clarity, precision and the gift of prophecy. We receive the initiation of white lightening (and are taught what this means and how to use it.) None of this has ever been recorded in the history of Brigid. She is teaching it now, in real time, with us in this course. We study in detail why you create blocks along your path, what Mastery of them entails, what launching new intentions involve so both student and facilitator have a comprehensive understanding of working with Brigid in the North encompasses.

Week 2: East. Isis

In week 2 you are introduced to the Goddess Isis and we receive two sacred initiations designed to help expand your human journey into the Higher Realms . In this week you will receive the initiation of Divine Cobra Vision and a Soul Wing initiation.  You will learn why they are important within your Goddess training. You will also spend some sacred healing time with Isis in her temple and the opportunity to receive your true name (which is explained in detail in class.) This week is focused on receiving higher guidance, initiations and a new way of living in two worlds. It is designed for both student and facilitator to walk within this realm and the other, confidently, using a new set of gifts that have been activated. Both student and facilitator are taught how to work with Isis in the East.

Week 3: South. Sekhmet

In Week 3 you are introduced to the Goddess Sekhmet. The story told about her is not her full (or true) story. She tells us herself who she is and what she serves. In this week you experience transmutation by fire of any blocks that have been on your path, clarify all intentions you are launching into future time, and receive your Sacred Power Word. Sekhmet is so much more than she has been explained to be and she is an incredible ally to build a relationship with. Every woman has a shadow side that has never been allowed to be expressed, Sekhmet represents both shadow and light merged together, in service to balance. Any woman needing to step into her power, in a feminine balance, not as a woman pretending to be a man in a man’s world, will revel in this week’s teachings. Sekhmet also speaks to all the Lionesses who know they are descendants from Sirius and ancient Egypt. Both student and facilitator will learn how to work intrinsically with Sekhmet in the South and receive

Week 4: West. Viviane

In week 4 you are introduced to Viviane, best known as Merlin’s feminine counterpart. For every yin there is a yang. Viviane has kept the misty veil over her story forever, she prefers to work within the shadow. For this series, she steps forward and shares her story (not at all what we’ve been told) and begins to teach in real time the importance and power of the misty veil and how you can learn to yield it in your daily life. Viviane’s specialty lies within understanding multidimensionality, the creation of “realities” and manipulating space and time through sacred doorways. She is a trickster, from the Faer, and in this course she allows you an opportunity to merge with her essence if you wish to. The student and facilitator will learn in detail what it is to work with Viviane in the West.

Plus we will also cover

The Center of the Wheel and moving through time and space as a spiral.

We will complete the course with an activation of each attendee’s Wheel connected together with mine, creating a Global Goddess Wheel of Magic  to draw upon when actively working with the Wheel.

The course also comes with a comprehensive PDF workbook to use with your clients,  that also includes the transcripts of my dialogues with each Deity.

You will be Certified as a Goddess Wheel of Magic Facilitator upon completion of the course.

Once registered for this series, you will be lifetime members, granted access every year free of charge if the program is re-released including any and all updates and edits. We are here to support you on your path back to wholeness.


Length: over 5 hrs video tutorials
4 private Skype Live Q & A (will go up to 90 minutes each for Q & A and discussions) and Facebook community interaction.

Downloads Available: in both Video (mp4) and Audio (mp3)

How to download and see the video series: Place the product in your shopping cart and follow the check out process. When the payment is completed, you will receive an email with the MP3 links to download  plus a link to a “Complete Viewing Page” where a high resolution version is available to view and MP4 downloads are located. Or, you can log in and click “my account” on the top menu bar that will direct you to the download links and viewing page.

This course was originally presented live and included Skype calls. It is now available at anytime for everyone, without any live calls. Questions can be posted in our private Facebook community. To be added to the FB group, register for the course and send an email request here.