These sessions are done in a safe and sacred space, between you and I where no topic is off limits and no judgment is allowed. Together we talk about and track self-judgments you have made at critical junctures in your life that have become false beliefs and are running “your story.

These beliefs create a sort of energetic box you live inside of that holds you back from living your life with any sense of passion or power. We track them together with the direct help of Spirit and through a series of steps I guide you through, we put you directly in line with your Soul’s Purpose. This takes courage and is profoundly rewarding. You leave the session on a new path of Freedom, with customized daily tools to use.

Each session is very unique and customized work.

Guidance is available in personal matters, relationship matters and business matters.

Soul Shifting sessions are live and 60 -75 minutes in length. (If we are right at the cusp of a breakthrough I never leave the session.)

They are done on Zoom with video and a recording is provided by email to a downloadable mp4 file.


Once you have booked the session through our online booking software I will confirm your appointment and you may proceed to the payment process. Once your appointment is confirmed please send an email to Meg here with an overview of the reason you would like to have the session.  A link to join the session will be emailed to you in advance of your session date and time. Thank you!