My Animal Soul Contract sessions are a combination of consultation work with the main family member the pet is connected to (or parent if the family member is a minor) to understand the overview and focus of the session as well as communication with the animal directly to understand and establish their consciousness. We converse at a level of consciousness where the animal is free to express from their soul’s perspective.

Most pets are aware of their contract with their person, however the information varies depending on the soul’s level of expansion. Each session is unique and directed by Spirit.

Please understand, my role is NOT to “fix” anything about your pet, rather it is to assist you in understanding the agreement you share and what the triggers (behaviors/ health) and indicators (relationship issues) are trying to teach you.  These sessions are usually more about the human than they are about the pet.

These sessions are very Sacred work to help you understand your Soul Contract with your pet. This kind of information can and likely will create a profound shift in your relationship with them. A photo is required for me to track your pet’s unique energy signature.

Sessions are generally one hour in length.
An mp4 recording of the session is provided.


Once you have booked the session through our online booking software I will confirm your appointment and you may proceed to completing the payment process. Once your appointment is confirmed please send an email to Meg here with an overview of the reason you would like to have the session along with a photo of the pet and their main guardian (connection.) A link to the session will be emailed to you in advance of the session.
Thank you!