A wave of love entered the planet April 13, 2018 allowing the Earth to begin her descent into the “Dark Night of the Soul.”  This will be explained in great detail.

In this 90-minute class you will learn about your energetic “tether” between the Earth and the Cosmos and why this matters so much right now.

It is designed to awaken and stir wisdom within you about your personal Soul Mission in this lifetime and provides the first necessary step to move into it. We investigate the quickening of the Karmic Wheel and its implications and opportunities at the Soul level. The 30 minute guided meditation at the end takes you deeply into the foundation of Advanced Soul Work: your ability to awaken and carry more Celestial Light within your physical body, and how to understand this as your core essence of manifestation.

When we work with Advanced Soul Work the aspects of our lives that are blocked begin to clear. We begin asking bigger questions and as we shift into deeper states of conscious awareness those areas of physical life that we want to experience more harmony with like finance, relationship, passion and purpose become the natural bi-product of the work.

This class has the potential to begin a deep and transformative shift within you on your path back to wholeness. It is the beginning of a series of Advanced Soul Work that lays a very important foundation for future work to come.

Length: 1 hour 30 minutes
Downloads Available: in both video (mp4) and Audio (mp3) I have also included an mp3 file of the meditation journey alone as you may wish to listen to this meditation repeatedly.

How to download and see the video series: Place the product in your shopping cart and follow the check out process. When the payment is completed, you will receive an email with the MP3 links to download  plus a link to a “Complete Viewing Page” where a high resolution version is to view and MP4 downloads are located. Or, you can log in and click “my account” on the top menu bar that will direct you to the download links and viewing page.