These sessions are custom tailored between your Soul’s Guidance and direct information from Spirit.

In this session you can expect to review your life from the view of Spirit and be taken through an experience that can create the space for a major shift in your life trajectory. These are designed for those who are seriously ready to work with un-definable energy shifts around main blocks in your life that you don’t understand and have not been successful in changing.

Your custom experience can and likely will show you immediate shifts in your present moment as soon as the session completes. These shifts have the potential to be permanent and lasting.

I will be your guide along the journey and I will take you through each step of the process. Together we will receive guidance from Spirit for your path ahead.

These sessions have been created by me, in line with my personal service and are based upon information that was channeled by The Keeper of Time through Steve Rother during a seminar I co-presented in Sedona, Arizona. They are advanced work with energy and they come with both Steve and the Keeper of Time’s Blessings.

5 Words in Time sessions are live and 75-90 minutes in length. (If we are right at the cusp of a breakthrough I never leave the session.)

They are done on Zoom with video and a recording is provided by email to a downloadable mp4 file.

These are very limited. I will only be doing 5 sessions per month. First come, first served.
You will be notified if a wait list is being kept at your time of booking.


Once you have booked the session through our online booking software I will confirm your appointment and you may proceed to the payment process. Once your appointment is confirmed please send an email to Meg here with an overview of the reason you would like to have the session.  A link to join the session will be emailed in advance of your booking date and time.
Thank you!