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This class is the fourth of Sam’s teachings through Meg. He says this is the next level of evolution. Once we become a new version of ourselves, anchoring our new blueprint, then we begin to influence the (ours and the collective’s) game of life at a much deeper level.

If you are not familiar with Sam or Griffen please see my Virtual Light Broadcast video on Sam here and my book Conversations with Dog: Making an ordinary life Extraordinary here.

This very special series is now available at any time. Once registered, you will be invited to join the private Facebook group where my team and I will track and respond to your questions as you move through the Modules. This group includes all previous Self-Mastery attendees.

This series is designed to move you through fundamental stages of recognizing who you truly are, and what you are truly capable of.

Week 1: What is your deepest vulnerability?

We all have one main style of behavior that has caused a lot of pain in our lives, particularly in our past. We’re going to identify it and begin to understand how it is one of your most powerful soul tools. Then we’ll journey you backwards in time to find that vulnerability. It is always one of four that will be covered in detail in class.

Week 2: It’s not personal. It’s Karmic & it’s Soul Work

In week 2 we will discuss why everything feels so personal, and what it really means at the soul level. We cover the Karmic Wheel, individual karma, group karma, the aspects of God/Goddess, ending with a meditation journey into your karmic blueprint, meeting your soul group, karmic family and individual soul guides, while witnessing your soul contracts for this lifetime.

Week 3: Allowing the Light to Shine

In week three we discuss the Five Languages of Love and the Six Basic Human Needs. You begin to map out your new blueprint by identifying your dominant love language, your most desired human needs, the needs of the Soul and the set ups you create for yourself in order to move into Soul Mastery in this lifetime. Concludes with a meditation journey back in time to your most influential relationships, using your new soul level of understanding, beginning your blueprint shift.

Week 4: Anchoring your new Blueprint

In week four we recap weeks 1-3, in addition we begin to understand the true power and source of the feminine, astral projection and we anchor a new version of you with a new energetic blueprint. Concludes with a journey in present day and future time to locations most likely to trigger you as we overlay with your new understanding from your Soul Perspective. Concludes with a meditation journey to anchor your new Blueprint.

It is my promise to you, that you will leave this course with a very practical system to use, understanding at much deeper levels who you are and the power of influence you hold over your own life and creations, as well as the collective expansion. You will understand why your truths have been what they have been until now, and you will move through a series of teachings that guide you into a new version of yourself, outside the current matrix.

Freedom truly comes when one understands the limitless creative power they can yield at any moment, and the level of support at your beck and call. You were never meant to feel small or live with fear and self-doubt. You were meant to thrive, but no one taught you to add consciousness into the equation. ~ Meg

Once registered for this series, you have unlimited viewing access.

Length: 5 hrs video tutorials
Plus access to our private Facebook group for members only and real time Q & A.
Includes weekly homework PDF’s.

Downloads Available: in both Video (mp4) and Audio (mp3)

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This program is now a self-managing series. My suggestion is that you do one Module per week, over 4 weeks to keep your expansion and momentum building.

This course was originally presented live and included Skype calls. It is now available at anytime for everyone, without any live calls. Questions can be posted in our private Facebook community, where my team and I will respond. To be added to the FB group, register for the course and send an email request here.