What my amazing clients have to say

…every private session and online event is a sacred space, where we also share our souls

Thank you so much for the class on the Morrigan. That was the most incredibly powerful journey that you have ever lead me through. I have no words yet as I am digesting, but I think that you wrote that class for me. Thank you so much for this class and thank you so much for that journey. I felt things last night in that journey that were incredible and I felt accepted. Oh my God such a feeling. I guess the only way I can put it is it felt like the greatest orgasm I’ve ever had. Thank you Meg and many, many blessings to you and to the work that you do and to all of us that you touch and help because where would we be without your guidance? Have a blessed day. Maria


— Maria for The Morrigan

Meg, I just wanted to let you know how much your webinar resonated with me. I missed the first few minutes, but got to be there for the setting of the energy, which was magical in itself! I could feel that swirling energy you were talking about! At the end of the class, as we sent out intentions out, I felt the energy coming up out of the crown chakra, but then as it went out, I was surprised to see & feel it going down, as if the energy was going to an Earth Grid to be grounded! My feeling is that this means my intentions were heard & acknowledged by the Earth; by Mama Pele herself.  I’m looking forward to the replay so I can hear your opening remarks & listen again, but from what I could gather, there’s a lot to look forward to. I can feel the excitement building & can hardly wait!!!!

Thank you for being so authentic & for being here to guide us into this exciting year of 2016 & beyond. Love you,

— Alaya for Expand Your Light- Recorded Live

Thank you, Meg, for sharing your self-tested program on how to map our inner landscape, not just through the moon phases, but finding the trigger points and old unconscious stories we tell ourselves – like Ground Hog Day! Self Mastery Level II had a profound impact on my life and how I can work with the energies that are part of the natural world, including the Moon phases that call for set times of personal introspection and action steps. Taking back my power as a women means that I draw upon my personal strengths, gifts, talents and abilities and use them in a conscious way that is honoring, respectful and nurturing. When we are in integrity with our deepest truth, there is no need to look outside ourselves for what we think we are missing. By the power of positive thinking, we become conscious creators of our personal reality. Nothing is left to chance nor can we blame others for what we lack. Authentic living happens when we are aligned with the truth of our Soul. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who may have doubts about how powerful you really are!

— Anna for Self-Mastery Level II

I feel honored to be a part of the amazing women of Self Mastery Level II. Even more grateful for the work and time Meg and her team put in to give us all a true experience that was life changing. We have learned to totally take responsibility for our lives past, present and future. I have said this before but now I realize how much information I was missing like how to change the self-defeating cycles that we all get caught up in without realizing it. This work is for the truly serious spiritual women who are ready to produce positive change in your lives. The support group that we formed was truly a gift. Thank you to all of you.

— Fran for Self-Mastery Level II

I just want to say how much I have uncovered & learned following the Self-Mastery II. I have studied many leading teachers and I have to say this course both I & II really opened up doors that I have kept blocked and did not know why? In the second module of “She Wisdom” Self- Mastery we delved right into the core of the issue to unearth & reveal why & how it needed healing and the steps guidance, nurturing & encouragement to succeed. I would recommend this to anyone who is finding themselves at an impasse. Your insights & tracking skills have allowed me a deeper sense of peace, joy & light heartedness plus the tools to get back in “my own lane” quickly & efficiently to allow the bliss to flow.
So very grateful for you & your “She Wisdom”. Thank-you!

— Brenda for Self-Mastery Level II

How many times have I read, “It all starts with loving Self.” Nobody ever lovingly mapped out how to attain that state…until this course. How many times have I heard, “You are never a victim of anything or anybody?” Nobody ever showed me, without judgement, how deeply rooted this belief was, and how it reflected my actions…until this course. How many times has one small incident set me off, sometimes unconsciously, and it snowballed into full-blown drama? Nobody ever taught me a method to back track, find the source and diffuse it…until this course. Nobody ever told me that Self-Mastery was possible for all…until this course. Self-Mastery is not about control…it is about living my life the way I am meant to live it, CONSCIOUSLY, in Joy, Abundance and Gratitude, as a woman who chose to be here at this time in the history of mankind.

— Francine for Self-Mastery Level II

These two Self-Mastery courses have really shifted the trajectory of my life. First, by learning what I was doing and why and in the second course, learning how to track what I’ve been up to, and learning to turn things around. I went from feeling “ pushed around” by a family member & dreading having to deal with them, to openly telling them “nope, I can’t help you with that” and seeing them react with shock! And I know it was from what I was learning & practicing from Level Two. I’ve also been humming along, happier than I can remember being & all kinds of wonderful things are happening in my life. New healing opportunities & chronic pain GONE are two I could mention. I’m taking concrete steps towards a project that’s been in my heart & mind for a while now. And did I mention, joy????? I wake up happy to greet the day!

Thanks again Meg, for being our bold & fierce lioness, showing us a path that brings us back to our true selves!!!! I look forward to continuing:))))

— Karen (roar!) for Self-Mastery Level II

The Three Cauldrons of Poesy is a powerful structure hidden within our being that operates as a guidance system for our soul. Whether we are aware of it or not, it is functioning on some level. Meg introduces us to this internal GPS, so we can meet our Goddess Guides working directly with them to make sure this essential component of ours is online and fully operational. I can highly recommend discovering your own Three Cauldrons of Poesy. Getting your system fully functional has the potential to be life changing. If this resonates with you, your soul is telling you it’s time! I promise, you won’t be disappointed.  ~ Nancy A. Kaiser, animal communicator, healer, & author

— Nancy for Three Cauldrons of Poesy

In Trust Your Light, Meg shares personal stories and provides practical nuts and bolts wisdom, leading you back to your sense of wholeness, power and inspiration.  “Ah…there you are my old friend…I thought I’d lost you”.   “No Dearest, I was only waiting for you to remember where you’d left me for safe keeping.  Now we are one and will shine brightly together in love, light and wholeness for all to see”.

Meg’s nurturing words of wisdom guide us into trusting our own knowingness.  Thank you my Light Sister for your inspiration.  I so needed to hear your beautiful sessions.  Namaste’

— Mardell for Trust Your Light

Dear Meg,
I loooved this class! And the meditation was sooo powerful! I am definitely going to listen to this meditation again and again! Thank you for empowering me once more! It looks like each class is getting better and more powerful! Love to you and your team!! Until next time!
xx Gerrie

— Gerrie for Trust Yourself Trust Your Soul

I have used your She Witch oracle cards several times now and the outcomes are amazing!!
The messages are to the point, at the right moment and really answer my questions! It is unreal!!
One evening I even picked a card for my Heart Circle group (an international group with 6 amazing people) and the result was again really magical!!

— Gerrie for She-Witch Oracle Deck

As a psychic, I use cards in my readings daily and I’m always looking for new cards that will meet the needs of my varied client base.  Some cards are just pictures, some mix pictures with words, some are just words.  The She-Witch deck is primarily words but have some beautiful imagery delicately added in the background.  Every card has an observation about a mindset or a behavior mixed with action/advice to improve that area of your life.  I liked these cards immediately!

I was offering readings at a local psychic fair recently and brought the She-Witch Oracle deck with me.  At the end of each reading, I allowed the attendees to draw a few cards. They were surprised at how accurate and timely these cards were! It’s one thing to surprise people who are new to card decks, but when experienced readers are pleasantly surprised by a deck, you know you’re on to something!  I have used these wonderful cards for a few weeks, in various situations, and find that they maintain their relevance in every scenario, speak words of deep truth, and get to the heart of the matter quickly, easily and with great compassion.

— Kathleen for She-Witch Oracle Deck

Let me begin by saying I’m not one to seek out others for assistance in figuring out my life. I’m a channeler~~people come to me for assistance and, I can usually find my own answers for my life. However, I found myself in an extended period of ‘nothingness’; I felt stuck. Meg’s work is basically the only work I have followed through the years because it resonates deeply with me and, I also know Meg to be a person of the highest integrity. So, I decided to book an appointment for a “Soul Shifting” session with her. One of THE BEST decisions I’ve ever made for myself! I literally went into the session one person and came out of it another~~this is how powerful Meg’s work is! I am now back to fully living my Soul’s Purpose and it feels wonderful!! I would define Meg as being a READER’S reader. She takes you deep, helps you find what makes you shine and assists in bringing it to the surface by helping you clear away the dross that may be stopping you from seeing and living your greatness. It’s profound stuff. Meg and her work blew me away and, given the work I do myself, I’m not blown away easily. Thank you, Meg. A million times, THANK YOU!

— Stacey for Soul Shifting Session

Look what I found to do….with my clear phone case (I have a 6 plus)I can keep my chosen card with me throughout the day….

— Gina for She-Witch Oracle Deck

The Goddess Wheel Program is an outstanding mix of unique spiritual information about the 4 Goddesses, guided meditations, and tools to for ongoing dialogue with these powerful deities.  This was my first experience with these Goddesses, and I love having ongoing conversations with them now, using the methods Meg provided.  I received profound insights into my challenges during the course and continue to do so.  I love connecting my Wheel to the other students in the course and feel their support.  It’s hard to articulate all the benefits of this work.  If you love spiritual growth with a magical, feminine slant, you will love this course.

— Lynne Klippel, Author and Publisher, Thomas Noble Books for The Goddess Wheel of Magic

When I first learned about The Goddess Wheel of Magic program Meg was offering, I was intrigued to say the least. I have long been a person who prefers to work with my magic and ritual in sacred solitude. I’m protective of keeping the magic and power to myself, knowing I have control of the energies and intentions free from others influence.

I had noticed the signs and synchronicities in my life and that the Goddesses were whispering to me and leading me to join a sacred circle to experience divine feminine connection in a new and expanded way. With innocent curiosity and an open heart, I dove in.

Meg has created this program to be so sososo powerful. She draws deeply on her personal experience and communion with the inherent, natural feminine aspect that I found entering the activation each week was a profound embrace with home.  She has woven the elements beautifully into a circle of luscious love and the magic as a result of my sincere efforts has enabled me to truly see and step into my place and life in this world. The Goddess Wheel of Magic has thrown the doors wide open to my natural abilities and grounded me with a deep knowing and trust of what I am here to do and who I truly am. The support and sharing of the Gorgeous Goddess in the Private Facebook group has been a beautiful extension of witness, love, celebration and compassion. I am no longer afraid to be seen. I am no longer afraid to be heard. I am no longer afraid to be me. And the beautiful result of that is I can now genuinely give others’ freedom to be the same.

I knew it would be worth the effort and I have a golden tool to work with (solo and collaboratively) for the rest of my time here.

I am overwhelmingly grateful and endlessly great full.

— Kym McCabe for The Goddess Wheel of Magic

Hello Dearest Lady Meg

As always my experiences in working with you and your team are transformative for me. You are a gentle firm teacher who walks her teachings; holding the energy and space for anyone who is ready to delve deeper into their own story. With you & your teams guidance, nudges & formula one can expect to feel lighter, brighter, clearer in their journey.

It is not always easy looking within; yet oh so very rewarding.

Deep gratitude to you leading the way and your ability to mark the path clearly for those who chose to follow. Your support and encouragement to us who journey with you, is a big piece of why I chose to work with you and your team.

Many Blessings to you and all who chose to join.

— Brenda for The Goddess Wheel of Magic

Having recently completed the Goddess Wheel of Magic event, I can honestly say it far exceeded my expectations, and I had high expectations. This event has been a profound, life-changing one for me. I highly recommend taking a leap of faith if it resonates with you. You won’t be disappointed. Step in & meet the Goddess that you are!

— Nancy for The Goddess Wheel of Magic

Dear Meg:
I am so overwhelmed by the blessing of participating in the Goddess Wheel. I realized that for most of my later years, I have studied with men and they were all very enlightening but I came to know that something was missing. When a friend told me about the Goddess Wheel course, I could feel the resonance in my spirit and knew that I needed to be a part of this magical circle. And magical it is, and inspiring and soul filled and a sisterhood that I have not had since a couple of lifetimes ago. I can actually feel the connections with some of the sisters of the circle that I knew in other lifetimes. This fits in so well with my other work on myself that the word synchronicity is not strong enough to tell of the connection. It has been so long since I felt comfortable with my witchiness and now I do – the goddesses have reawakened that in me and this time I am claiming it. All of this growth because Meg is willing to led us in her infinite patience and wisdom. If you need to find your true self as a woman and a priestess, this is truly the way. Thank you Meg for your undying love and leadership on this path.

— Gwen for The Goddess Wheel of Magic

I was a bit tentative about taking the Goddess Wheel class as I didn’t feel any particular affinity for any of the four goddesses.  However, Meg has packed so much information introducing the goddesses, led us on intimate journeys with them, fostered follow up discussions about them on Skype, and left us with such a rich tool box to continue to use that the course was a very rewarding and ongoing experience.  Thank you, Meg, for offering this to the universe.

— Angela for The Goddess Wheel of Magic

All of Meg’s courses have the potential to be life changing, if you open yourself to it. This one goes way beyond that, it took me to a place inside myself that I did not realise existed and I will never look at this Earthly life the same way again – my perspective has completely shifted. A deep, heartfelt thanks to you Meg, and to your team. Your guidance and wisdom were like a warm embrace to steady me as I faced my deepest challenges. Namaste.

― Leida for 4 week Self Mastery Series

Meg led our intimate She-Wisdom group in a powerful four-week workshop of mastery, as we plunged our own deepest depths and vulnerabilities in real time world events and held space for each other in truly soul and collective conscious shifting overlays and work. I am still integrating the work but the shifts were powerful and the effects apparent in not just my day-to-day, but hour-to-hour. Life has both sped up and slowed down. Working with Meg opens up very practical processes that can be applied to your spiritual journey and make sense of the esoteric as it applies to your lived experience in this dimension and world.

— Lisa Jane for 4 week Self Mastery Series

Even though we have touched on many of the subjects discussed in the Self Mastery Course before in private sessions, this time it hit me in my soul in a way it never has before. There is no way I will ever wander back into all the ways my life reflected my deepest vulnerability . My thoughts have changed as well as my actions. My team is always on my shoulder to remind when needed. Thank you again for this life altering course. I feel very fortunate.

— Fran or 4 week Self Mastery Series

Because I am an organized person, I appreciated the structure of this course. Every week was a building block in a progression towards awareness. This course has changed me profoundly. I can choose to not live it, but I can never say, “I did not know”. Meg and her team created a safe and loving place for participants to express their deepest feelings. I feel deep gratitude and love for Meg and the beautiful and courageous women who journeyed with me. Meegwetch (Native for Thank-you.)

― Francine for 4 week Self Mastery Series

The information presented in this series shifted my life in ways that will continue to unfold during the months and years ahead. I am not the same person I was before embarking on this journey of deep self-reflection. Meg created a safe space filled with non-judgment, compassion and wisdom. The material she presented was unique, motivational and it spoke to me on an emotional and soul level. Meg’s insights and guidance from her Team was spontaneous and inspiring!

— Anna for 4 week Self Mastery Series

“4-week Self Mastery Series” was such an intense and deep introspection period for me to find out my deepest vulnerability. It was hard and difficult sometimes, but focusing on my own vulnerability made me release my old belief system and gave me a new relationship with my husband. Each guided meditation channeled by Meg in every week’s video also gave me huge understanding of myself. I will never return to the woman who did not have her power and did not trust herself. Thank you so much Meg, and I also appreciated to have such beautiful soul sisters in the “She Wisdom” group. I love you all! Love Emiko.

— Emiko for 4 week Self Mastery Series

Dear Meg, thank you so much for this course: Self-Mastery Level I. It opened up a lot of personal space, showing me my vulnerabilities and how to work them through! Your provided me with a practical toolkit for dealing with some unpleasant circumstance or event! Showed me how to look for the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ it triggered me! Then you taught me how I could act so that those events would not have the same influence on me anymore! The insight was mind blowing and has shifted my life in a magical way! It has made my life easier and more in flow. The calls were very powerful too: many of the other ladies’ stories were also eyeopeners for me! This course was intense and your guidance and wisdom freed me up and put me more in my power! Thank you dear sister!! Much love and big hug!!

— Gerrie 4 week Self Mastery Series

Thank you Meg for your courage and for listening to your intuition to create this self-mastery course! It is brilliant – short, intense and profound! I loved it and it has been very profound for me! Also, thank you for creating a safe space for all of us in this class. I am looking forward to the next one!

— Erin, 4 week Self Mastery Series

Meg’s four-week program has been a magical step by step process of pure transformation. Meg and her team discuss small steps to work each week that are building blocks for a solid foundation. You don’t even realize you are shifting perspective and accessing the wisdom within. I had goose bumps, chills, much emotion all leading to incredible joy. My home-life is different. My work life is different. I am not the same person I was on day 1 of the program. My “triggers” for the most part, have released. And when one catches me going to an old reaction, I stop and laugh. Instead of a daily struggle or two, I now have a feeling of ease and flow. I wake up with excitement, knowing the day is totally my creation. My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude to Meg for sharing this powerful, life changing experience.

— Debbie, 4 week Self Mastery Series

Self-Mastery Level 1 has transformed me. It’s the remedy to all the why questions I have always asked myself. A course that guides you to delve into your Soul Self and brings all aspects of you to light. It’s fun, intense, aggravating, rewarding, emotional, raw. It’s the doorway to the path of a journey of your Soul being your guide, where all judgement is left behind and the ways for being how you knew, were all just perfect set ups for where you were going. You learn to stay in your own lane and realize it’s the most enlightening place to exist. Self-Mastery for me was really seeing I am not here to fit in. I am here to Evolve.

— Karen, 4 week Self Mastery Series

I am so blessed to know these two angels, Meg and Griffen…opening for me the doors of a magical world where miracles are possible and abundant. And they are opening the doors of animal wisdom for humanity. They helped me ( us together with my dear cat), in their hardest days , always so generous, loving, kind and open hearted.

Their company is so uplifting and encouraging. Its a real blessing to get to know you. You gave the world to me, for which I will forever feel grateful.

— Melike for Animal Soul Contract Session

I loved this course and the way Meg put all of these powerful tools together in a step-by-step process!

Meg is one of those people who says something profound in about every sentence that comes out of her mouth, so I found myself going back and re-playing parts of the videos to get all the little nuggets of wisdom out of them.

When you do the work, when you do the exercises in this course, you do take your vibration and therefore your life to the next level. I have definitely made a step up during this course and whenever I feel I’ve gotten off track I just go back to the exercises! Thanks Meg, for putting this course together in such a coherent and practical way!

— Irene for Thrive – A No Nonsense 7 Day Practical Guide That Works 

Your friendship, words of wisdom, lighting the way for all us to own our own gifts, as scary as it may be to let go of that mask of who I thought I was.

Thank you sweet beautiful sister, you have touched and changed lives that you may not even be aware of. Today was a huge step for me. Thank you for playing a part in that and holding space for me to be able to do this!!

— Binh Minh for Soul Shifting Session

I loved it, truly, you hit exactly the right block that I couldn’t name, enabled me to connect things I hadn’t connected, and made me remember just how amazing I am and therefore how much more amazing I can be.

— Semele for Soul Shifting Session

Meg is a joy to work with! I’ve had private sessions with her when I’ve felt ‘stuck’ and need help moving forward, and also when I’ve been about to make a major shift in my evolution, and need greater clarity about it. She uses her tremendous intuitive skills and compassion to support and challenge me to be my highest self! If you’re feeling drawn to Meg and her work, I heartily recommend you GO for it!

— Vicki for Soul Shifting Session

For many years now, I have felt ”something” when I was near a body of water. In the video ”Water-Healer’s Secret Alchemy”, Viviane tells me why, and now I know that when I speak to the lake near where I live, I am not crazy. When she said that long ago, I worked with her, it gave me shivers, but it felt so right. In the Native tradition, women are the keepers of the water. I have come to understand that through the teachings, but now Viviane has given the teachings a new meaning. Not only am I a keeper of the water, but I am called to ancient ways of being with water, of conversing with water, of being taught by water. Listening to the video ”Water-Healer’s Secret Alchemy”, something fell into place for me, and I feel that a whole new path has just opened up. Thank you, Meg, for bringing Viviane to us, and much gratitude to Viviane for agreeing to work with us.

— Francine for Water- The Healer’s Secret Alchemy

I took a soul shifting session with Meg and it was mind blowing!! Dear wonderful Meg, how you unraveled part of my life story and showed me working tools to try that were really amazing! After some days of working with your tools and seeing wonderful results happening in my life, I realized that your were completely right!! It felt very good and like you promised me, more and more positive things are happening and coming along.  Feeling good is the best proof that you are on track! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this really helpful session! I did not realize that so much in my life was ‘just OK’. But just OK is not enough!! Now I am starting to create my life so much easier and filled with so much more magic every day!!! Amazing!! I am so, so grateful for this!!! Big hugs and much love!

— Gerrie for Soul Shifting Session

Dearest beautiful Meg,
I  love the sound of your voice.  This is in itself directing my souls self care into the  “4D Wisdom Journey” to discover my authentic self.  I felt moved to take this journey to find my authentic self and it is much more than I expected.  I feel shifts in my body.  I find myself thinking different thoughts during the day.  I look at others in the super market differently.  Almost as if I have gone on vacation and everything is new again.  The meditation is now on my computer where I can go for my “soul’s self-care”.  I have created a place in my home where it is quiet.  No cell phones, no emails, no TV and no distractions of any kind.  I added some plants for beauty and clean air.  This space will provide for me a place to listen to the voice of Viviane on a regular basis and move into my new dimensions and reality that I have looked for, for a very long time.  Thank you so much Meg.

— Anna May for Authentic Self


Thank you to you and Vivianne, for giving me a piece of my soul back. What an amazing experience it was for me to journey with Vivianne and find where I made the decision to take on the responsibility for the outcome of this entire lifetime. I was 6 years old, in the second term of grade One. So, it is to her that I spoke through my tears. I was able to thank her for her courage, and tell her that she could hand that burden over to me now, that I accepted to take it on. Our final hug was almost physical.My future self, in the one year projection, was quite different from now, and so were my surroundings, and my body and my soul told me that I was on the right track. Blessings and love.

— Francine for Sacred Money Flow

Meeting Viviane was like coming home again. As soon as I heard her voice, deep, deep shivers of recognition went off in my body.  It was like my cells had just been fired up. My inner self was so excited to meet her again. The water blessing is such a gift, as it is so tangible for each of us to have & share. I took my water & blessed most of our land knowing that the rain the next day would carry it farther into the earth and out into the water tables, streams & lakes. I have added it to all of our water we drink & use ourselves along with my plant water.

The water blessing has given us another avenue to NURTURE ourselves simply with ease.♥♥♥Just knowing this & putting my attention on it gives me respite for whatever I Am needing in the moment.
Once again deep gratitude & Blessings Dear Meg♥♥♥ So honored to be on this journey with you & everyone.

— Brenda for Water- The Healer’s Secret Alchemy

Each time I have listened to Viviane’s soothing wisdom journey, I have had a different experience. I go easily into a relaxed trance state with her voice and phrasing. This felt very different to me than a guided meditation.  This was “A vacation I didn’t want to come back from.” It felt very much like a hypnotherapy session to be listened to again and again. Each time I learn something new and feel more empowered. I couldn’t wait to see what comes next! The entire Authentic Self teaching is a must for those of us interested in soul care. Thank you Meg!

— Fran for Authentic Self

I resonate deeply with Meg’s words, actions & revealing’s.
She has a uncanny knack for knowing what is needed; it is like she see’s/hears into our Soul’s; like only another women can. What is amazing is that on some level it is exactly what we need. She gives us the opportunity with her Modules to seek within as she has laid the foundations & just makes it so easy for us to access. It is not always easy but Meg is right there with us like a “big Sistar” holding space for us to grow into our Authenticity. Much Love & blessings to you all, on our journeys.

— Brenda for Authentic Self

It hasn’t been easy to put into words what has taken place since my 5 words in Time Session. Each day I am shown more and the truth of it all intensifies. Initially, when a feeling from my old story would come up, my brakes would immediately engage and I would turn in another direction. The emotional pain is gone. I was exhausted for a week but didn’t fight it. Many syncronicities have proven to me in a not so subtle way of the transformation that has taken place. Many movies in my head around sadness are floating away. My memory for details has improved. I feel in charge for the first time in my life. I had one interesting dream 2 nights ago. I was in an apartment with several fish tanks. The fish all started to jump out of the tanks as if they were trying to escape. Then moss started to grow all around me covering everything. I interpret the fish as the old parts of me that were no longer needed in my tank. The moss felt like the passage of time that no longer exists. It covered everything and I leave it behind with no power. It is such a relief! I am off to a new way of living and thank you once again for your amazing work.

— Fran for 5 Words in Time Session

I had hit bottom and deeply wanted a mayor change in my life.  I was angry and frustrated and  attracted like people and situations.  I knew this is not how I wanted my life to be.  As if by magic,  I found Meg’s website and discovered her course on THRIVE and within a few seconds I found myself signing up.  In her 7 day course I was able to shift my energy by gaining perspective and consciousness of old beliefs and patterns that kept me from thriving in my life.  Meg gave me the necessary and simple to follow tools and techniques to make a mayor shift in my life.  I had a few private sessions with Meg and  felt so safe with her that I was able to open up fully to her.  I trust Meg and feel very comfortable with her.  Her loving and genuine manner gave me faith in myself.  Meg is incredibly perceptive and able to tune into the roots of what  is really going on.  Meg helped me empower myself and I AM immensely grateful to her,  she is a great inspiration to me.  To this day whenever I think of her my little heart smiles.

— Sheema for Thrive

Meg, you write so beautifully, and always touch me deeply, and inspire and challenge me to step forward when I read your writings. You truly have a gift of clear insight and the ability to share those insights in a simple, easy to understand way, yet provoking beautiful visions of life and what it can become. Thank you so much for sharing your life and your understanding of what more there is to life, with all of us. You are a gift to this world.

— Kathy for Messages

I feel kind of fresh and fragile, like shedding a skin but not quite trusting the new skin yet. And it sort of feels like this…like a new door to a new world, one that encompasses all that feels good to me. Thank you!

— Leida for Creating the world you want within the world that is

I honestly have to say I feel so much better after listening to the initial class. The “YOU DO YOU” statement resonated with one I had written months ago in my journal: Just Do You. I’m still in the process of making sense of myself. It’s hard to “define” what it is that I want to do. I’m at a crossroad. Your class, along with reflection time, and a long overdue vacation, is helping me with my current human experience, Meg. Thank you. The energy has shifted to a positive turn with your energy and Sam’s.

— Patsy for Creating the world you want within the world that is

I watched Meg’s class yesterday. I had a smile on my face the entire time because I was hearing just what I needed and somehow wanted to hear. As Meg’s words often do for me, they just clicked. I needed to be shaken a bit from where I was and at this time “just do you” was like hearing the words of Dog! I began to slip back into autopilot last night and was able to get out of my way. Today, I feel like I had an egoectomy. I feel so relieved to know that I can stand in my power and honor rather than question my empathic tendencies and sensitivities. I can alter my self judgement and turn it into fierceness.  Thanks Meg and Sam!

— Fran for Creating the world you want within the world that is

I am so comforted by the insights I got about how our beloved animal companions are welcomed on the other side when they transition, and the beautiful and gracious, loving support and guidance they receive in adjusting to life without their body. It was a deeply moving and lifechanging experience. I will return to this place again. Thank you Sam and Griffen, thank you Meg for leading the way. I could not be more grateful.

— Leida for Animal Soul Contracts

I was the last one to register for Meg’s 4-week Self Mastery class and I am glad I jumped in! The insights she shared with us took me on a journey like no other I have had the privilege to experience. Her wisdom on vulnerabilities is ground breaking because in my opinion, it brings people to their core issue and allows them to see how this issue, this belief, controls every relationship and every aspect of their lives. Not so we may be victims but to take responsibility and truly transform this imprint and all it’s ‘consequences’. I personally saw immediate results in my primary relationship and, after quite a roller coaster, am now seeing big, positive shifts in my work and how I relate to my life in general. It’s about being and staying connected, to my soul, to my Self, to my guides… No matter what! Meg’s Self Mastery class continues to be a work in progress but one I am very happy to have in my tool kit because it is a very empowering vision change… And it also changes your life because when you change the inside the ‘outside’ has to follow. Thank you Meg, thank you Sam, Griffen and Miss Posey.

— Caroline for 4 week Self Mastery Series