2 frozen bananas
1/2 cup ice
2 cups vanilla hemp milk (or coconut, or almond, whatever you like)
2 cups frozen berry mix
1 cup fresh spinach
3 tbsp favorite protein powder (I used Sun Warrior Vanilla)
splash of spring water to help blend at the end if necessary
Serves 2


Place all in your blender and blend slowly until thick and creamy.


There’s nothing like a cold, thick, frothy smoothie on a hot, hot day. After working in the garden planting, this was exactly what I needed to cool down. As you sip this delicious creamy drink, think of Nature and all she offers us on a regular basis. Your body has a relation ship with the cycles of nature in ways you have yet to even discover…. Allow yourself a moment to reflect, replenish and give deep gratitude from your heart center.