As we arrive at the Autumn Equinox, or what our ancestors called Mabon, it is a time of celebration of harvest, of pondering all that we have received and are grateful for, including the challenges and lessons, for they bring great harvest of Spirit, if we courageously dive in and investigate them.

After contemplating all 2018 has brought to your door (insert a few choice razzle dazzle cuss words for me please ;-)) it is then time to turn and face forward again, launching new desires into the Autumn manifestation fires.

As usual, I did not plan my 4 week intensive course around this time, but it aligned perfectly with the energy of new creations. This time, the new creation will be you.

My course sold out in 3 days, so without fuss or announcement, I opened a few more spaces and extended it, while still remaining very intimate and small. Of those, there are only 2 spots remaining. The first lecture will be released on Monday September 23rd, just after we launch Mabon blessings into the collective.

If you’re serious about living your life from the perspective of Spirit, and you are fully ready to unravel some of the deepest mysteries about who you are and what you are capable of, with a practical roadmap to follow, then we are ready for you, and it’s time…

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Since you are entering a time of great appreciation of the gifts of the recent year and anticipation of new desires being added to the cauldron, it is wise to take notice of the energetic shifts as you become lighter. You are letting go of what you have processed and carried all year, creating space for the new desires to be firmly planted in your power center. This is your womb of creation, deeply rooted to the Earth Mother. This creates what Mabon most symbolizes, balance within.

Take the time to make a list of what you are gratefully releasing and what you wish to plant in your new energy space. Then lovingly create an altar, it doesn’t have to be large, it can be a small part of your table space, where you place something alive from the earth (a beautiful fall mum or a small pumpkin from a recent harvest), a favorite candle, for illumination and guidance along the next part of your journey, some coin for travel and exchange along the way, (knowing that your alter self-renews and coin shared is new coin created) and some sustenance (nuts or seeds work well) to feed yourself and share with the Devic kingdom as they move into gathering for their winter slumber.

If you like, you can also burn some sage and smudge your sacred space, clearing the energies, then light a candle and consider these words as a way of anchoring the magic of Mabon.

As shadow is to light, as day is to night
As male is to female, as wrong is to right
Overlay Nature’s harmony into my field of light
Sew within me perfect balance, and set my Soul a-flight.


When you consciously choose to become a co-creative partner with Nature and the Earth, guided by Spirit, you are taking your rightful place as a creator walking alongside the powers you chose to work with during this incarnation.

Read that again….

And as you contemplate your new desires, sip a cup of my newest addiction…





This is my spin on the newly popular “Golden Milk.” I have a very sensitive system, so ground pepper in a drink is not a good idea for me, in attempt to stimulate my digestive system. That would actually aggravate it. I added in some almond butter, for the high magnesium content to relax muscles and nourish joints and tissues, replaced coconut milk for unsweetened almond milk for the aforementioned reason, added in cinnamon instead of pepper, for digestive co-operation, and adjusted the amount of spices, resulting in a balanced, warm, comforting and nourishing drink.

I call this a “tonic milk” because it is high in anti-inflammatory properties, aids digestion, is a liver tonic, is good for hair, skin and nails, assists the immune system, particularly around the auto-immune IgA levels (an immunoglobulin test for inflammation causing antigens) boosts mood, and tastes utterly fantastic!

Wishing you the deepest of Mabon blessings…

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