Recently I was in Sedona, AZ working a mega conference and decided ahead of time to take a few vacation days at the end. On our last day there we decided to hike up Boynton Canyon and take in the exceptional views and sacred vortex energies.

After reaching one of the peaks, I sat down in front of a magnificent looking tree (it looked like it belonged in a Tim Burton film) and just connect. Connect to life, to myself, to the earth, and really take a special meditative moment to be present, give and receive. Then I hear scurrying, I look, but don’t see anything just yet. My mind begins imagining many things this could be. Again, scurrying, but this time closer to me, again I look and see nothing. Then I feel the energy of eyes looking right at me (my eyes are closed and in contemplation) I open them and see this magnificent little being staring back at me.

I watch him watch me. I smile, he cocks his head, I say “hello” in my inner voice, he gives me a look (you know the one) and then he says “Honor this land. Please respect and honor this land.”

I respond “yes, agreed, it is indeed sacred and special land, to be honored and respected.” He seems happier with this exchange. I ask if it might be alright to have an energy exchange with him, a connection between human and nature being in honor and respect, with the intention of anchoring the frequency of community and connection. He contemplates…and agrees.

We share a few moments of energy connection and exchange, I offer gratitude and ask for his blessing on my journey. He says before he leaves, “I’ve never seen one so white around here.” I laughed out loud.

On my way back down the trail I hear him call out “when you tell people this story be sure and tell them my name, it’s Pepete (said like Pe- Pete-Tay) I tell him I will indeed.

It’s going to be hard to forget that big spirit inside a little body with a good sense of honor and humor.

The moral to the story?

Light up in all that you do and you will be amazed to learn who is watching.

Animals always know pure gratitude intention and almost always respond, as does the earth and babies and big humans if they’ve not lost their way in the razzle and dazzle of busy life.

Go slow, take time out, say thank you, be kind and generous with your heart and your time, you will have amazing life experiences if you do.