It’s Time For a Conversation…

Dear  Sweet Sacred Heart,

It’s here! It’s time! It’s in my hot little hands…

Well actually…it was in my hot little hands February 5 when I received my very first test print copy. Greg and I were so excited we took it out to dinner that night to celebrate! (Picture a quaint little Italian restaurant with our book baby on the table.)

Once I knew the print version was up to snuff, the announcement was planned to follow, that is, until I fell the very next morning and injured my knee. That was six weeks ago. And although I am now in physiotherapy and slowly emerging from my protective chrysalis, Griffen nudged me to release the book now, before I was completely back to work.

We both love the yearly Equinox and Solstice energies to toss dreams into. They are powerful alignments and the Spring Equinox celebrates our re-birth and awakening from the deep sleep of winter (or, you know… injury and life altering inner realm course correction work.)

The truth is, this book seems to have a trajectory and life of its own, (there have been a few very funny near miss discoveries) so we decided to announce it before it was found independently so we could at least yell Surprise! once.

It’s been five years since Griffen’s transition and so many people have asked us to write this book. At that time I was not ready, the first three years I couldn’t even consider putting my journal together into a manuscript, it was just too emotional, but in 2016 Griffen was persistent and I was ready.

He has wanted me to tell this story since his passing, but for me, it was like re-opening a deep wound and baring the most intimate parts of myself for all the world to see. I just couldn’t do it. It was still too raw and too close.

But now, it is such a celebration for me, one I am honored to share, one I hope will pull you into a deep and divine hug from Nature herself, and from Griffen and I, and never, ever let you go.

If you have ever wondered what my story is, this is it. If you need some hope in your life, a reminder that miracles do exist, this is the sharing of ours to inspire yours. If you want to investigate the Universe and Nature and understand better the animals in your life, this story won’t disappoint you.

So with one successful Surprise! in my pocket and a big smile on my face, with a sweet energy over my shoulder from my guardian, my protector, my wise teacher and a big part of my heart, may we introduce to you…..

“At the tender age of nine a wish from a little girl reverberated out into the world and was heard by the Universe. A wish that three decades later would present itself through a series of magical circumstances that seemed to line up as if they were pre-destined beyond time and space, orchestrated by the Universe itself.

This is a true story, one that stirs and awakens magic within us and shows us that we are much more than we believe ourselves to be. This tale will touch your heart deeply and remind you that the journey of life is a sacred one. It reveals how Nature is our ally waiting to partner with us and show us a more profound and connected way to live, all guided by the wisdom of a Master Teacher, who incarnated this time as a furry dog named Griffen.”

Available in both print and kindle version at Amazon.

The paperback version is priced at Amazon’s minimum cost requirement for printing ($21.95) due to exquisite color images and paper quality. I could have chosen black and white images or eliminated them all together and chosen a thinner paper, but I just couldn’t sacrifice the healing journey through the sacred sites.

Sending you our love, our gratitude, and a few intimate details of our journey with you…

  Meg & Griffen


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…every private session and online event is a sacred space, where we also share our souls

“4-week Self Mastery Series” was such an intense and deep introspection period for me to find out my deepest vulnerability. It was hard and difficult sometimes, but focusing on my own vulnerability made me release my old belief system and gave me a new relationship with my husband. Each guided meditation channeled by Meg in every week’s video also gave me huge understanding of myself. I will never return to the woman who did not have her power and did not trust herself. Thank you so much Meg, and I also appreciated to have such beautiful soul sisters in the “She Wisdom” group. I love you all! Love Emiko.

— Emiko for 4 week Self Mastery Series

I watched Meg’s class yesterday. I had a smile on my face the entire time because I was hearing just what I needed and somehow wanted to hear. As Meg’s words often do for me, they just clicked. I needed to be shaken a bit from where I was and at this time “just do you” was like hearing the words of Dog! I began to slip back into autopilot last night and was able to get out of my way. Today, I feel like I had an egoectomy. I feel so relieved to know that I can stand in my power and honor rather than question my empathic tendencies and sensitivities. I can alter my self judgement and turn it into fierceness.  Thanks Meg and Sam!

— Fran for Creating the world you want within the world that is

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