On December 3, 2011 our almost 6 year old Shar Pei Griffen began to spike what is known as Shar Pei Fever.

My husband and I adopted Griffen from a rescue shelter in January of 2009. He was approximately 3 yrs old at that time.

In the three years with us he had never had any episodes of this potentially fatal illness. We had no prior history as he had been removed from an abusive home. On the eve of December 3, at 11:00pm as we were headed to bed, Griffen climbed the stairs and hobbled to my side. His rear right leg (hock) was swollen and the ankle joint was paining him. Within one hour his fever was climbing, 102, 102.5, I knew we needed help. I was unable to reach our Homeopathic vet at that hour. Greg found a 24 hr emergency vet hospital approximately 40 minutes from our house. I quickly grabbed Griff’s medical file (in these moments I am so grateful to be such an organized woman!) and we quickly got in the car. As Greg drove, I sat holding Griffen in the backseat. I just kept telling him everything would be ok. Inside, I was not so sure of that myself.

When we arrived, Griffen’s fever had spiked to 105. I knew that in most cases if the fever reaches 106, organ failure is quite likely, then death. I experienced that eerie silence, you know, the kind that comes from within you when everything is hanging in the balance.

The vet with her assistants were able to reduce the fever without giving Griffen heavy sedatives and steroids.  They bathed him in cool water, put him on immediate iv fluids and gave him an antibiotic in case there was any infection we were unaware of and it was not in fact Shar Pei Fever.

We spent the night at the hospital. At 6 am we took him home with an extra iv fluid bag, his fever reduced to 101.5. I was grateful for their help. Our Vet called at 8:30am on a Sunday morning (how amazing is he?) at this point Griff was stable, sleeping and receiving fluids.

On Monday December 5th I spoke to Steve, (Steve Rother) I was a mess. I am amazing in emergency situations, I can rally like the best of them, but once home and crisis averted, then I fall apart and begin to process the event.

I called Steve to talk with him.  Steve told me that Griffen was not scripted to stay this long, he had a rough first 3 yrs and he was supposed to transition before we adopted him. But then he met us and the love he felt from us and the connection between Griffen and I was so magnetic, he chose to stay a while longer. (When we adopted Griff he was only 25 lbs, half the size of a healthy Pei, he was refusing food and quite anemic. He had been removed from an abusive home.)  He was heading home unless something turned around rather quickly. When he met us, it was instant love for me, it was Greg who needed a little convincing. I had been talking to Griffen for a week telling him we were coming. When he met us, he followed me around wiggling, then walked over to where his leash was, picked it up, walked back and dropped it in Greg’s lap. It was a done deal. We thanked the rescue staff profusely, gave back his name, collar, leash and anything else that was connected to his old life. In that moment he became Griffen and our new lives together had just begun.

Steve said that Griffen was very tired and that “his paw was on the button” deciding whether he was going to stay or go home (transition).

The following day, Tuesday December 6th, Griffen began to show signs of fever, swelling and pain. Greg was at work, it was mid day. After spending the day before crying on and off for most of the day, I found the inner strength I needed to be selfless.

I lay on my kitchen floor with my buddy, and I had a really good talk with him. I make no exaggeration when I say, he lifted his head and looked me square in the eye the whole time. I told him how much I loved him and that if he needed to go, I’d honor that and release him with more love in my heart that I thought was possible.

He listened to every word. I also told him, that if he wanted to stay, (his tail began a small wiggle…) that I would up the anti- (because I’m an Irish girl and I don’t know how to give in or up gracefully. I know how to fight and make you want to rally) and make a new contract with him, to take our original contract about Unconditional Love to a completely new level of conscious awareness.  I prayed that we could begin a whole new game together of magical daily creation and greatness and really enjoy this human/canine/ experience together.
He wagged his tail again, dropped his head down on the floor and let out a big sigh….

From that moment on, his fever dropped every 15 minutes until it was normal again.

Within a few short weeks I began to notice things that were different. First, Griffen was exhibiting signs of being “new” again. What I mean by this is, he had a period of time that his behavior mirrored when we first brought him home. He had anxiety when I left him, he shied to loud noises and sounds, he was jumpy around people and especially if you were holding any large objects near him. Originally we worked through all of these in the first 6 months until he knew we would never hurt him and there was nothing to fear, there was only love with us.

After approx 3 weeks, he then shifted again to that place of trust and love. It was evident I was witnessing something quite magical, like a complete reset.

Next, people started calling me telling me issues they were having themselves or with their pets, health issues, behavior issues, pets who were lost…then the magic began.

I had no idea what was about to happen next. After the first call for assistance, I sat quietly, positioning myself to send whatever energetic assistance I could. It was in that moment that Griffen came over, lay down beside me, put himself to sleep, and began to speak to me. I could literally hear my dog in my inner mind.

He told me I could merge my consciousness with his and gain access to that of the animal collective consciousness.

Once I did merge my consciousness with him, we were able to track the energy signature of the animal or human and provide the assistance that was needed. This was the beginning of our special work together…

Since that day, we have begun receiving calls globally from the  United Kingdom, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Turkey, Holland, Denmark, Canada and the United States. The list of countries hearing about our work amazingly continues to grow.

I am still in awe every time we are able to assist a client.

On October 3, 2013 Griffen transitioned home, surrounded in complete and utter love with Greg and I. He told me he needed to return home but continued to ask me “mama, do you believe in magic? “ “We’re going to create a miracle but you’re going to have to trust me.” “I believe Little Boodah (what I always called him) I believe. In you I will always believe, was always my response.”

For 5 days I could not hear Griffen, as he was very busy integrating himself back home. It was the most excrutiating 5 days of my life. For 5 days all I could do was cry. I couldn’t sleep, I didn’t eat much, I contemplated leaving my body and going home too. The connection Griffen and I share is beyond words and likely not understood by most.

On the fifth day, I felt his presence come and lie down beside me, I felt his warm furry body snuggle in and I sobbed. “Where have you been?” “I will never leave you” came the reply.

If we can each live through our hearts and let go of our minds to allow for expanded consciousness to enter, there is a journey awaiting each of us that defies the Laws of Physics.

To this day, Griffen continues to be my teacher, in his expanded form and my magical journey of consciousness and expansion continues.

To some, my story might sound crazy or even spooky. To me, it is the most comforting thing in the world to know that consciousness exists and is accessible with or without human form.

There is more wisdom and knowledge available to us as we each open to the possibilities.

My story is not special nor unique, even though it may seem to be. We are only a reflection of your possibilities, of what you love in your heart. Follow your heart, it knows the way, for we each have a gift to share with the world and in looking around, I can say with confidence, You are Needed, You Matter, you have a special piece of the puzzle to share with the rest of us and I Believe in You.

From my heart to yours,