12 cups Spring Water
4 tbsp dried Hibiscus flowers
2 tbsp dried RoseHips
Raw Honey to sweeten (I use about 7-8 large tablespoons, but you can adjust up or down based on your taste)


Place water in a large pot and bring to a boil. Once boiling, turn heat off and add dried hibiscus and roseships and stir. Let steep for several hours (I make it in the morning, then go about my day for 3-4 hrs) then strain and discard the flowers. Stir in raw honey when water is lukewarm.

Note: it’s important not to stir the honey in while the tea is boiling hot, this will kill all the healthy benefits of the honey. It is loaded with healing enzymes that are sensitive to heat.

Pour into large mason jars and refrigerate.


This tea is made with nothing but healthy benefits and love. It is loaded with vitamin C, anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. It helps to regulate metabolism and supports the immune system.

As you sip this magical elixir, connect to the wise women who walked before you paving the way. The ones who revered the magic of nature and spent decades studying and learning. You have wisdom in your genes not yet awakened, and every time you connect with nature, herbs and dried flowers, you awaken parts of yourself that remembers that nature supports you on every level and has patiently been awaiting your return to its wisdom.