Healing Ley Lines Activating within Humanity


This particular moon is called the “pink moon” named after the first wildflowers to bloom in early spring here in North America.

Our Magnolia tree in the front yard is filling out with buds preparing to bloom. By this time next week she might actually be full of beautiful purple color.

Don’t you have a sense of the ancestors when you learn how the full moon is named? It’s logical, rustic and speaks to our deep connection between the Universe and Nature. We look to the stars to guide us and wrap Nature as a cloak around us, for healing, wisdom and indication of the not so distant future to come.

This particular full moon (in April) determines when Easter Sunday is, as it ‘s always the first Sunday after the full moon.

This past week the world around us slowed down as we heard the news about the fire at the famous Church in Paris, Notre Dame. So many people were chiming in with their gorgeous photos and memories of their visits to “Our Mother/ or Lady” and others were in full reaction to the Patriarchy.



I run a bi-weekly Alchemy Circle with a group of amazing women who enrolled in my Self-Mastery Levels I & II courses, and we ended up having a very profound conversation about the significance of this event.

Here’s what’s being revealed to me:

This is clearly cleansing by fire. Some have been talking about this particular location being part of ancient ley lines. They mentioned Stonehenge but I actually feel it’s connected to Glastonbury Abbey and Chalice Well. According to the legend of Chalice Well, when Joseph of Arimathea came to England he brought along with him the cup Christ used at the Last Supper to serve his followers wine.  Immediately after, Joseph had hidden the chalice and the waters of the spring were said to have turned red. The ley lines connecting the two are of the Line of Michael and the Line of Mary. Masculine and Feminine, spiraling like Kundalini Serpent energy and DNA, and where they cross over is considered to be an Alchemical energy, of transformation, creating a new alignment (unity) and healing. They are said to cross at the point of Chalice Well and right at the point of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere’s Tombs in the Abbey.

In esoteric circles Notre Dame is known as a Temple of Isis, inhabited by Mary Magdalene and the women she taught what was then called the “true Christian teachings of “Cathar”, after she fled to France following the Crucifixion of Christ. Notre Dame has also been known as a Druidic place of Ceremony and Worship long before the 1800’s when the Catholic Church took up residence.

So when we consider the Spiritual nature of the fire that took place during Holy Week no less, (thank you Alchemy Circle Sisters for bringing that to my attention in our discussion) we can see that it represents a whole lot more than the Patriarchy.

This fire very likely may be activating the next level of consciousness during a most sacred time, with the blessings of Mary & Jeshua, the Druidic Healers, and the Priests and Priestesses of Ancient Egypt.

There is no question that humanity is currently at war with itself. The Earth and Nature are responding to this energy. Now, as a vast population of the Earth are in Holy Week, a sacred ley line representing the unity of both Masculine and Feminine burns for all the world to witness and brings humanity together, yet again, for an opportunity to release the chaos and separation thinking, to step out of judgment and remember who we are and where we come from.

The ancestors are watching.

The ancestors are here and helping….

The full moon always signifies new birth and an intensifying of flow of all the waters on Earth. We are experiencing cleansing by fire and purification by water.

Where there are macrocosmic events, there are also microcosmic events within you, taking place at the same time. The question is, are you consciously aware and responding to them with intention?

What have you been grappling with before this full moon? What have you kept buried for so long that you really want to let go of? What old belief, pattern, self-destructing thought process, or judgment of yourself and/or others has limited you from living your life in a way that feeds you and frees you?

Where can you dispel the separation within you?

There is powerful momentum right now for you to take the time to really look at these questions and allow them to be cleansed by fire, then birthed into the new version of you, with the healing waters of the Spring Full Moon.

If you are really ready to let go of what you’ve been hiding and holding on to, now is a very powerful time to do so. You see, healing occurs when we’ve contemplated that which we bring upon ourselves to motivate us to move through to the Soul’s level of Mastery. Once we can recognize the set up in the situation, we begin to move through it. However, once we recognize the gift of the circumstances and move forward, residue can remain. Imagine healing a traumatic situation, you can move forward, living your future but each time a memory is triggered, that trauma stamp activates. Nothing burns through residue quite like fire. A transformative process is being offered to you now.

You are entering into a Holy Triad of energy between Friday April 19 – and Sunday April 21 (which also happens to be my birthday.)


(I can’t help but love the colors of fire above Jeshua’s head, Mary at the water well and Nature or the Sacred Tree of Life in the background.  To me this symbolizes the Masculine, the Feminine and the Universe, in a Cosmic Triad, or Fire (also Light), Water and Consciousness.)

Use this time to reflect on your divine connections to your ancestors, to your dreams for this lifetime, and become an observer of your past, seeing all the distractions that got you tangled up in separation beliefs, then consciously walk out of them as the full moon rises. Stay focused this weekend in a space of calling your preferred attributes to you. You can even make a list of what you are ready to let go of and transmute and what attributes you are calling in to replace them with, and perform a releasing ceremony. (Burn the list you are intending to let go of and soak the new list of what you are embodying, then overlay the ashes with the soaked list, creating a new alignment of energy, use the leftover water to feed plants and gardens with the request of Nature to assist you in letting go of that which haunts or limits you and embrace fully that which your Soul is calling you to become.)

Remember that you are becoming the Universal Bridge between the Cosmos and the Unconscious Human Collective on Earth.

Be kind. Especially to yourself and your loved ones.

Listen well. Everyone really just wants to be seen, heard and loved.

Give compliments freely. Actively Light others up if you’re around family this weekend.

Remember that you chose to awaken in this lifetime and remember the deeper connections you have with Nature, your Cosmic Ancestors and Conscious or Triad Living.

Call it in…and expand it out into the collective.

You are not here without great purpose.

Your purpose is not to complain or judge.

Your new attributes are part of your unique divinity.

Anchor them in wisely during this Sacred Triad and pay attention to your communications with the Ancestors.

And above all else, know how deeply loved and treasured you are.



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