Dear Metamorphic Maven,


This time last year I was in the E.R.

February 6thmarks the one-year anniversary of my fatal fall on the ice, while walking Sam and Nala last winter. That was the day that the old Meg crashed, and the new Meg- barely visible- a chrysalis, hardly there,  started to come online.

It took many months of internal work and physical dedication to bring all the missing pieces together, but it was worth every effort and internal struggle, to get to where I stand now. Consciousness is a never ending job.

So, for those of you who may be in the middle of something devastating, be it physical, mental or emotional, know that I stand with you. Know that it is happening for a reason, an important one, and if you have the courage to dive deeply, it will reveal the gift it is for you.

I know that injury, pain, heartache and setbacks rarely feel like progress but they are. They are the culmination of spirit and human, colliding, it is your Soul calling you back to the path of oneness that you have strayed from.

So I decided today to buy some flowers and drive them over to the crash site. Posey and I had been for a nice long walk, after we stopped at the grocery store and picked up two bouquet’s, one for the site where old Meg died, and one to bring home to celebrate new Meg.

have you buried your dead yet

As I drove along the street, I couldn’t help but think of all I had to be grateful for, how much my life and Spirit has given me this past year. I worked hard for it, but isn’t that the point? Aren’t we here, on this earth to really begin to understand our self-worth and our relationship to our own Soul, and All That Is?

We are sovereign beings, but we’ve forgotten that haven’t we?

Oh we might say it here and there, and try to be convincing on social media that we’ve got it all together, but in the deepest of challenges, aren’t we just trying to find our way back to feeling safe, secure, protected, and connected?

After saying a prayer of gratitude to “old Meg” I picked up the flowers and tucked them into the mailbox of the little elderly lady who lives in the house behind the sidewalk where I fell.

Many people told me that my fall was a lawsuit. I chose to focus on healing, on the gift of spirit to dive deeply and face many shadows I had been avoiding. No lawsuit would bring me the kind of peace I have today, or the sense of self I finally (insert eyeroll emoji here) have now. Instead, I leave flower blessings and gratitude….

I hope Mrs. White gets a little kick out of her secret admirer, early Valentine’s gift.

If you don’t believe you have the power to transform yourself, please think again.

If you don’t believe you are powerful enough, please think again.

On a deeply personal note, this weekend I had a rather big argument with my husband. I won’t get into details, because that’s not the point I’m trying to make. After our exchange, I walked into my office (rather seething at the exchange)  and I turned on a lamp, immediately the light bulb blew and then the fuse. The whole office was out of power.

After resetting the fuse and replacing the bulbs, all was back on. My husband looked at me and said “that’s weird, I’m not sure what caused that.” To which I said “really? (insert eyeroll emoji again) really?”

Today, we were able to have an in-depth conversation about our disagreement and really communicate. After our talk, (feeling like I’d communicated my terms and agreements really well) I walked into my office, at which point a very big, very solid, blue lapis pillar dove off the top of my bookshelf and crashed to the floor.

I jumped about 5 feet.

The lapis wasn’t injured, and when I looked around my office, amongst all the feminine circular symbols, I broke out laughing. Greg thought I had gone mad.

“What are you laughing at?” he said.

“Oh, just look at the symbolism” came my reply.

I had strategically placed that lapis next to Sekhmet, Egyptian Goddess of Fire and Re-Birth, as a symbol of the masculine and feminine, standing together.

It appears the masculine has come upon its time to dive deep into shadow, the fires of Imbolc and Brigid as catalyst, to bare their hidden vulnerabilities, to expose all shame and weakness, and not be afraid to jump off the edge. The feminine will set the pace and the terms.

The time of the feminine is here and it is not a movement, nor a catchy pussy hat or clever line in a song…it is a strength, a visceral power, a re-connection to the womb and the original seat of power that has been erased for eons of time.

This is what we are diving into in Self-Mastery Level II.

The masculine is coming unglued. If not conscious, it is an un-disciplined dragon, breathing fire, creating more chaos and mayhem than progress. Introspection, awareness and discipline are required.

My symbolic fall and death last year was intense and incredible.

It is clear to me that since doing the work, my power in increasing. My dreams are bang on, my intuition bang on, and my office portal appears to show me unexplainable energetic validation.

Tonight, as I sit here, on the anniversary of a major event in my life (not the physical fall, but all it represented) I am so deeply grateful.

I love new Meg. She has embraced her fierceness, her boundaries, her fears, her terms and her truths. It’s been a long ass time coming!

So, to you, my sweet, fierce, insightful and vulnerable reader, my sister, what did you experience in the last year? What parts of you have you buried and what have you re-birthed?

Have you made peace with the parts of you that have died to give way to the parts of you now birthing?

What do you celebrate?

What are you deeply grateful for?

What are your deepest desires for this next year?

Have you bought yourself celebratory flowers lately?

Just know, that whatever you are going through, whatever you are struggling with, I celebrate your courage.

You are needed.

You are loved.

You are magical and You are Powerful.

Wishing you deep dives and exhaulted insights…

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