Just a short love note from me to remind you about the power you have at your disposal over the next 72 hrs if you choose to connect to it.

I’ll be working on some new content for you very soon as we wrap up the 4 Week Self-Mastery Series: becoming the woman your Soul already knows. I’ll share some insights in about this course in my next love note. It’s still far too sacred to speak of just yet…

Today, the first full moon after the Harvest Moon is traditionally called the Hunter’s Moon, or Blood Moon, named this because it is extremely bright in the sky and lights the way for the hunters to hunt and store food for the winter. Consider the energy of that for a minute in the current state of the world.

As we have been witnessing the continued divide of humanity, this moon is extremely powerful and can be harnessed to create a well lit path going forward with supplies carefully tended or it can trigger greater divide, through heightened reactivity and potential violence.

You are being reminded to mind your emotions and triggers right now.  Do something particularly nice for yourself today and take some time away from all the rising noise outside and around you.

As I sit typing this the Time Warner building in New York City, where the New York CNN studios are has been evacuated due to suspicious explosive packages discovered. Former president Obama’s home,  the Clinton’s home and George Sorros’ home all also received explosive packages last night.

This is the kind of outburst potential I am speaking off and more, so it is really important that you don’t go energetically unconscious over the next 72 hrs and get swept up in fear, chaos and noise. The whole point of being in the right place at the right time, or not being in the wrong place at the wrong time, is about being consciously aware of the energy and guiding yours, by embracing Nature’s offer of great power, and using it to create cohesion vs separation.

Bathe your field in it and tune in to the soothing moonlight that can heal you and align you with your path ahead. Don’t let the next 72 hrs push and pull you around, caught up in everyone else’s trajectories. Create your own luna connection, in gratitude and awareness and ride that lightwave vs being tossed around in it. She can and will gift you with a higher and brighter viewpoint if you can raise yourself to her frequency…

Then stand rooted and balanced, and breathe it out into the world around you…

You have so much more power and influence than you believe.



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