It was October 20 after a visit to the groomers and a lovely walk on a cool autumn evening, I’d gone into the house to turn on some lights while Greg took the pups out of the car.  Two minutes later he came in through the kitchen door carrying Sam saying “he’s got a cut on his foot.” His paw was gushing blood, which I knew when I looked required stitches immediately.

Sam had caught his foot on the cargo lock on his way out of my Jeep, fractured a nail and cut his pad. At the emergency vet hospital we met Dr. Kaluba, a gentle man with a lilting South African accent. He promised to take good care of my boy when he said he needed to surgically remove his nail and stitch his pad.

As I looked around, I realized that the last time I was here was when Griffen transitioned and it was in the very room I was standing in. This was a full circle healing moment.

That night we took Sam home wrapped up in a surgical bootie with heavy opiate pain medication for two weeks. It’s amazing how quickly life can change.

For the next two weeks we took shifts, day and night, watching over him, making sure he did not lick at his foot once the bootie was removed, coaxing him to take his meds and comforting him. It was an accident of epic proportions. For the remaining three weeks I watched over him night and day.

These kinds of occurrences are anything but accidents in my world.

I do not believe in anything random from Spirit.

We are in partnership with everything around us including each other even though it may not seem that way at times.

As I lay watching over Sam, exhausted from sleep deprivation but nurtured from an unexpected time out to investigate more of the inner realms, I became incredibly grateful. Grateful that I look at life the way that I do, grateful that I have access to wisdom and knowledge to peel back the layers and find the deeper meanings of this kind of interaction, grateful for my sweet boy and all of his sacred agreements.

Our pets are our allies, they are our reflectors (mirrors) who consistently offer themselves in an effort to provide us with opportunities to see our weak areas that require responsibility and recognition in order to move into Mastery. This also allows them to move into levels of their own Mastery.

They make us own our sh#$ is the polite way to put it.

Sam is very clear on making sure you are responsible for the energy you bring to him. When out in the world if someone walking by is not present in their awareness and approaches him without acknowledging him he does not like it and will bark a warning. He is not what you are projecting on to him. He reads your field and lets you know exactly how he feels about it. He is a catalyst to your own healing and your mastery.

Posey on the other hand loves everyone and will invite you in for tea and a visit in her lair. She is unconditional and spreads her healing everywhere she goes.

There is a line up of adopters waiting for Posey if she ever chooses to change her agreements, including Dr. Kaluba.

The most profound thing about this for me, as I can only speak for myself and what it meant for me, was that the night before the “accident” I had a dream and in that dream I took a giant leap off a cliff where Griffen was there to extend a paw and take my hand. I was taking a giant leap of faith.

You see I feel very strongly that how I complete this year will influence how next year will expand for me. We each take giant leaps in consciousness at times when we are sort of ready, sort of scared to death but our spirit keeps pushing us onwards and our allies show up to sweeten the deal. (Griffen knows that I trust him beyond any words I could use to convey the magnitude of it.)

When these pivotal moments occur in my life, they usually come with a “time out” period, to contemplate and integrate. Little did I know that the “time out” I suspected would come in the form of one of my furry allies, forcing me out of all areas of my busy life, to focus only on his healing and the recesses of my inner mind for 5 weeks as he healed.

The house was quiet, it was turned into an infirmary literally overnight.

The deep contemplation of your life occurs when suddenly your entire diary is cleared and you have but one focus.

It was almost difficult for me to write this article as so much has shifted since Sam’s healing that it felt like old news to me. I guess that is a good indicator of having integrated a lot of what I was contemplating.

When these things happen in your life, take heed. They are powerful and come with major opportunities for healing and spiritual advancement and expansion.

Everyday we are given the opportunity to live our spirituality and recognize that all is not as it seems and spirit is deep at work through all that is mirroring back to us.

We can choose to just talk about our spirituality or we can live it.

I choose to live it and I choose to share it in hopes of lighting up something in you so you may look at your dog or cat tonight just a little bit differently, so you may look at your family, friends and co-workers as the perfect beings who show up to trigger and mirror to you your opportunities for your own Mastery.

Everyday life can be a magical journey, but you have to choose it.

You can stay asleep and live life with a niggling sense deep inside you that there is more and it’s just out of reach, or you can choose to wake up and seek the deeper meanings to the connections you have with people and animals in your life.

If you choose the latter, then the big questions form, the right advisors appear, life begins to flow in unexpected ways, your purpose begins to unfold and you cease to speak of spirituality like it is outside of you, and instead, you refer to it through examples of your life that you learn as you are living it. In other words, consciousness.

There is magic in being human right here right now at this time on the planet, even through the appearances of chaos and fear there is great power within each of us.

Ignite the seed of power that lays within your heart and look upon your loved ones with gratitude and wonder for the agreements you share with them. Take responsibility for yourself.

Today, with Sam happy and as frisky as ever, as we returned from a lovely walk in the woods, we came across a gorgeous boy who clearly was off on adventure without his human. I got out of the car and started to walk alongside him. He was close to railway tracks and busy streets. He was friendly but he turned back to create some distance between us. Griffen told me that my approach changed his course to head him towards home, so I continued to walk behind him, then we heard a whistle, I called out and a man came out of his yard looking for “Cooper” who had we not stopped would have been well down the road out of sight and not responding to the whistle.

I saw the look in the man’s eyes, you know the one, when an event could have gone a different way, it was a look of relief, and gratitude. We were able to come full circle and help someone else. Remember, we all play a role in each others lives as mirrors and opportunities for reflection and Mastery.

Life is profound….and we each are eternally magical.

From my heart, Sam’s heart and healed paw and Posey’s most magnificent asset, to yours…

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