This month’s VirtualLight Broadcast segment is for December 2018, the final one for the year. I speak on the importance of gleaning all the benefits and growth from the lessons and challenges we experienced during 2018, so we don’t carry it forward with us into 2019. It was not a small year for many of us!

I also refer to a fantastic TEDx talk from Ruairi Robertson, an Irish Biologist, who presents information on Russian Zoologist Elie Metchnikoff, who discovered “phagocytes” or our defense cells of our immune system. I take Ruari’s conversation of how our microbiome in our gut is actually a second brain in our bodies into a spiritual conversation, connecting some important dots on health and well-being within us and our connectivity with our immune system in relation to creating our reality right in front of us.

With deep love for you, your microbiome, and your reality any way you choose it,


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