At the tender age of nine a wish from a little girl reverberated out into the world and was heard by the Universe. A wish that three decades later would present itself through a series of magical circumstances that seemed to line up as if they were pre-destined beyond time and space, orchestrated by the Universe itself. This is a true story, one that stirs and awakens magic within us and shows us that we are much more than we believe ourselves to be. This tale will touch your heart deeply and remind you that the journey of life is a sacred one. It reveals how Nature is our ally waiting to partner with us and show us a more profound and connected way to live, all guided by the wisdom of a Master Teacher, who incarnated this time as a furry dog named Griffen.

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This not a review per se but a validation of the powers of Meg and a story about magic, miracles and coincidence, and signs from the universe. I am a long fan and client of Meg Adamson-Gour and leapt at once to buy her new book “Conversations with Dog”. I ordered the paperback and, as we are getting snowed in, I dived into the free sample in the Kindle app. Only a few pages in and not to give too much away but Meg is telling the tale of how as a young girl and wanting a dog she was given a life-size Snoopy look-alike stuffed toy dog. Fast forward, and later in life her beloved Griffen, on whom the book is based, lo and behold looks just like the beloved Snoopy.

Her story about the stuffed Snoopy dog reminded me that as a child I begged for, and got, a stuffed toy version of Dougal, a character from the animated British children’s show called “The Magic Roundabout”. Dougal was a low set dog, with short to non-existent paws, long blond fur, and low set fluffy ears that swept the floor. Woah – I think – Dougal looks just like my dog of two years, Harry, a long-haired, cream dachshund with long blond locks and devastating ears.

I turn the page to the next chapter and read “There is no randomness in why you live with the particular pets that you do. You have an agreement to be together and your soul knows and the universe orchestrates it. We gravitate to that which comforts us, what recognize as familiar “. When I first saw a dog of Harry’s breed just three years ago, I knew right away that was the dog for me.

Miracles, soul contracts… I am looking forward to reading the rest of this “magic roundabout” called life and how we create our reality and manifest our own miracles. Harry has been my miracle!  ~ LJ & Harry

What a powerful experience. I have always been afraid of  dogs of any size since I was little. If a dog came near me I  would run and of course the dog would run right behind me. Even if I ran and hid in a window sill the dog would stop  and just stare me in the eyes, always wagging it’s  tail. I have always sensed that whenever dogs are around me  they are very aware that I am afraid of them. Reading this  journey that Meg has been on will now make me stop and  wonder every time what the next dog is thinking when we look  eye to eye.

I am really not much of a reader but I found I  couldn’t put the book down. The wonderful photos added  so much to the book. I can totally understand and feel when  Meg says in her book “Have you ever sat under a tree  and just listened to nature ?” That said I have many  times done that but mostly connected with the birds !  Humm  maybe now, maybe I won’t feel so afraid of dogs. Meg at  times I felt like I was on the journey with you. Excellent reading. Do I believe in miracles ??  Yes, I sure do ! ~ Maureen

My evening plans just got upgraded:))) can’t wait!!! Oh my goodness Meg. I’m taking a short break before I dive back in. Tears, chills, wonderment & joy….~ Karen

If I had to use one word to describe this book it would be Magical. Meg takes you on a journey of the heart and all of it’s winding twists and turns. I cried and laughed right beside her and saw the parallels in my own life and with my own animals. There is such hope, purity, and courage in this book and it opened space for me to examine my own life with not judgement, but love. Thank you Meg. Thank you Griffen. ~ Cathy

A Delightful journey of self discovery is explored in this uniquely crafted masterpiece. An insight into an alternative thought
process. A powerful look at the meaning of our existence told through the sacred bond between a woman and her best friend Griffen. A beautiful Red Fur coat Shar Pei. This book helps the reader to see a different perspective on why things happen and helps you to understand the significance of your own personal purpose in life that each one of us has yet to discover.
An emotional, well scripted, biographical, insightful and an extremely powerful read. Highly recommended for those searching for meaning and purpose within their own lives. This book will direct you on your own path of your own self discovery. Written by a highly intuitive master who has spent her life on a Magical Quest to help others. ~ Tara

I started the book…oh oh oh..get your hankies ready people 🙂 so beautiful! Thank you Meg Adamson and this is just the first chapter!  ~ Ellen

This is an amazing and thought provoking book! I read it in one night, I couldn’t put it down!   ~ Renée

I could not put this book down & had to read it all in one sitting! An insightful, poignant, raw & powerful sharing of heart. This soulful transparent story touches deeply into your heart. Opening you to new awareness & thought about our journey & what we are here to do. As a mother of two boys & step mom to a third son along with three feline fur babe’s; her story strengthens my commitment to healing myself & nurturing Mother Earth & all her children. Grateful & honored to call you ” Sistar” ~ Brenda

To my friends who have fur babies in their lives – I highly recommend this easy to read book which explains some interesting energy exchanges that occur all the time with our fur babies and what they could be trying to communicate to us if we only tune in- I started this last night and didn’t realize it was 3 am before I forced myself to put it down – picked it up in the morning and finished it while relaxing on my hammock – really positive messages and information – Raquel

Dear Magical Meg,
Your book arrived yesterday! I read it in one breath!! (I’ll read it again a second time.) I cried and laughed and cried some more and sobbed and laughed….. Thank you for that book!!! It touched my heart again and again!!! It strengthens and empowers me! It encourages me! It endears me!  Thank you!!!! I am honored and grateful !!! Big love and hugs to you, Griffen and the little ones! (though they will not be that little anymore, I know) ~ Gerrie

Marvelous book for any dog lover who wants to feel the essence of the connection you can have as a human with your pet. I also recommend this book to people who are grieving the loss of a beloved animal. It reeds very smoothly and the information is clear and full of wisdom. ~ Romy

What a wonderful story of deep love, connection, coincidence!!! Then what first appears as loss, transforms into an incredible journey of discovery, enlightenment and the greatest gift there is Eternal Love.
~ Leslie-Anne

Meg brings us hope,inspiration and great love in this book. Her life experiences shared envelop us in the magic that can arise during our lives and be experienced when willing to receive and believe in what is greater than ourselves. The beauty of the relationship with Griffen and the connection to nature and spirit makes ones heart and soul open up to the possibilities we have to continually create beauty, love, peace and joy in any moment in time. Meg brings forward life lessons that reawaken and stimulate the questions of Who Am I -Really?, and How Will I Show Up in This World? A book to be truly savored! ~ Carol