An interesting conversation developed recently around the topic of boundaries.

We spiritual folk know all too well the need for them in our lives but are we using them wisely? Are we able to backtrack and investigate that sacred moment just before our walls go up and our energy goes down?

What happened right there?

We made a decision didn’t we…

We decided this set of circumstances wasn’t going well for us, or wasn’t safe for us, or we felt too seen and on display, or taken advantage of…or…..fill in the blank for your most recent experience.

Is that really a need for a boundary? Or is it a Soul calling for investigation of a belief that you still have running silently in the background that also silently runs your life.


Let’s break down a clear example.

I had a client recently work through some pretty painful stuff with me. She had been abused as a child by a family member and went on to marry an unsafe partner and was in the midst of separating from them, riddled with completely understandable fear. She was terrified of the world that had never been a safe place for her. Did she need strong boundaries Yes! But not for the reason she thought she did.

Upon working through her Soul Conversation, and claiming her rightful place in this world, worthy, healthy, safe and most importantly, realigned with her spirit team and her creative and sovereign power, her boundaries were no longer based on fear. Please understand this is not about judgment ever, we can only know fear if fear is all we’ve experienced up until the Soul calls us forward and life begins to change. It’s what gives us the strength to leave unhealthy set-ups and have the courage to trust that we can and will create a new reality based on new beliefs.

Boundaries are important, but the energy behind them is much more important.

They reverse the flow of energy from separation and requiring protection into whole, transparent and powerful.

Boundaries are training school for energy mastery.

Eventually, we don’t need them at all as we work through and take responsibility for the Soul Conversation we are having while we are engaged with others. My client began to understand that she was here to Master Self-Love, and as she began to take better care of herself and make better choices for herself, she began to realize that the world wasn’t a scary place for her, and in fact, it had great possibility.

I’m happy to say that after a series of sessions over a period of 9 months, my client is living happily in her new space, her new life, her new career and ….her new relationship.

Life is tangible. Now moments are all we have. Boundaries initially can protect us, but if we don’t investigate why what is in front of us is really there, we are setting ourselves up for a life of seclusion and fear.

Beliefs can change once you truly understand your Soul Conversation. And if you’re not careful, boundaries will block you from ever understanding it.

You did not come to this world to hide.

You did not come to this time and space right here and now to protect yourself from it.

You came back to Master your game and then help others do the same. 

Boundaries are your friend in the beginning, but only until you investigate the belief you have around the situation and unpack it. Once you understand why it’s there, you can claim your rightful place as a magnificent sentient being, filled with all you’ll ever need to create a meaningful life and be of service to the collective. You chose lessons to Master in this lifetime and boundaries will hinder your progress if you’re not carefully self-inspecting each time you feel the need to put the walls up around you.

I mean no offence to the Empaths. I am one myself. It’s very easy for me to hide in my beautiful home nestled in the woods, with my husband, my dog and all the Nature beings, having internal conversations all day with my Spirit Team about life, and I would be happy, but there would be a hole in the center of me that never felt fulfilled if I did so because I’d know that’s not why I came. I came to Master Trust and trust means you can’t hide. Trust means you have to study long and hard to come to a place of understanding that Trust isn’t really about trusting the others, it’s about trusting yourself. Trusting yourself that you’ll survive the heartaches, the let downs, the manipulations, betrayals and deceit and you’ll learn to be thankful for them and realize that the moment you hit the sweet spot of clarity, that moment when it all sinks in that you agreed at a soul level to every single one of those set-ups to push you into trusting your own capability, ahhhhh, that’s when the magic happens.

Did you ever consider that you cannot possibly Master anything without other game players to help you see your reflection?

Boundaries are much more about Beliefs than they are about protection or self-preservation.

When you move into your Soul’s Conversation, and see how and why you chose exactly what you have to experience, two things happen:

  • You let down the walls around you and take back your power
  • You start to follow your own innate intelligence of the Soul, and start creating your life from that knowledge and wisdom

…and the entire world opens up to you.

Not knowing your own Soul Conversation is what requires you to need Boundaries in the first place.

But no one tells you that or teaches you that. It’s always hidden in plain sight until you’re ready to learn it. Remember the old saying “when the student is ready the teacher appears” that’s exactly how it works with your Soul.

Ask yourself one question “how much time do you spend daily in the now moment, present and in a place of allowing and receiving?” I think you’ll surprise yourself if you’re being honest.

Then ask yourself why you think your life should be different based on the energy conversation you just answered.

The world is yours for the making.

Your patterns are clues.

Your Soul Conversation awaits you.

If you’re feeling anxious, fearful of the world you’re seeing, incapable of creating more joy and abundance in your life, those are indicators that your Soul Conversation is calling you but you’re not fully tuning in to it.

Need some help?

I know this space well as I’ve been studying it for decades and traversing it myself.

My team is my guiding Light. Some of them you know;

Griffen has been my Master Teacher on all things Trust and Soul.

Sam (Mr. Bossy CEO) still expands my heart every day.

Thank Dog Posey is still here in her furry body form.

Viviane the Lady of the Lake (who’s story is NOT what you’ve been told)

and Goddess Sekhmet (who’s story has also been very misrepresented)

I’m currently working on a new 4-week program that is more than anything I’ve taught before. Four Goddesses have come forward and taken places around a wheel. They tell me it is the “Goddess Wheel of Magic.” This is no dog and pony show. They each have teaching they want to share, that work seamlessly from one to the other within spiral time, including communion with the elements, the moon and understanding the doorways within us and the now moment. I’m beginning to understand that the Wheel is a way of life, always walking along the path, clearing blockages, working with powerful ancestors in now time reality, launching intentions and understanding at a deep level, the Soul within you.

If you understood that, you realize that it alone is a lifetime of work. These ladies are powerhouses, but I will save their identities for the big reveal. I believe this will be a certified practitioner course. Are you intrigued and wanting to become a Practitioner of the (Goddess) Wheel of Magic?

Stay tuned for more on that soon…..but if this calls to you, please watch your email for news on likely a late August launch. I’m currently in the studio organizing and recording the content.

Please always remember:

You have greatness within you.

That greatness is needed on this planet right now.

Your Soul Conversation will always push your comfort zone and your boundaries.

It will also lead you on great adventures and eventually lead you home…

Your Soul operates from the frequency of creation.

Boundaries operate from the frequency of separation.

Just think about it…

Boundaries can be riddled with illusion, like all great magic is.


With Blessings of Love for your heart and magic for your Soul,

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