Black Moon Goddess Wheel


Today’s Moon is known as a Black Moon. It is the result of a Super-moon occurring on the day of the lunar New Moon. Astronomy explains that a Super-moon appears when a Full Moon or New Moon reaches its point of perigee – its closest orbit above the Earth. A New Moon signals the start and end of the monthly lunar cycle when the Sun’s rays fall on the Moon’s far side (or shadow side.) When combined on the same night, a rare and ominous Black Moon is born.

Every New Moon is a place of betwixt and between, of feminine magic, bring it closer, amplify it and add in the masculine Sun God Ra standing in support behind it and you have a deeply magical time to go within, investigate, realign and re-emerge newly balanced.

The betwixt and between times are times when the misty veil is thinnest. A time when journeys into our shadows can be done more efficiently, more powerfully and with more grace, while the sun shines behind us to guide us safely back home. The Universe literally aligns in a way to guide you into the deeper depths of your dreams, your hopes and desires, your self-judgments and an opportunity to reflect on all the ways you undermine your extravagant worth and importance.

I never really know why my team pushes me in directions, I’ve just learned to never second-guess them and run swiftly in the direction they nudge me in. Not really realizing this was a Black Moon until two days ago, I now completely understand two things.

The first, why the past two to three weeks have been so intense! Every little aspect of your self-limitation set-ups have been up in your face haven’t they? Yeah, me too.

The second, normally I never launch new classes on a waning moon, it’s the exhalation stage of the lunar cycle, to rest, to take space and recharge, but not this waning moon. This waning moon Griffen showed me, through a conversation with a friend and client, the most direct way to teach how he taught me to track energy and connect with him on the other side. I scrambled  in my already really busy schedule to make the class. It’s called Communicating across the Misty Veil and I’m incredibly proud of it.

Then four Goddesses showed up in my dialogue that began with Griffen and Sam, extended to Viviane and became a conversation about what you ask? It was about remembering the feminine magic that was erased from our history, and learning to work with it and them, in real time. Where? Why across the Misty Veil of course. (Said in my best Glinda the Good Witch voice, as in, you’ve had the power all along my dear, you just need to run to the forest in your red shoes across the misty veil to meet with us to remember and learn.)

While creating this new training born from these conversations, it is of course perfect that I officially launch it on the auspicious Black Moon. All great magic resides in the betwixt and between spaces.

As I worked through each point of the Goddess Wheel of Magic my life reflected the power of the work. As I moved through receiving Brigid of Kildare’s initiation of white lightening (not only the fire Goddess you’ve read about) and prophecy, I began to notice how whatever I was deeply in thought about, started showing up in front of me, everywhere, until it dawned on me (I can be a bit slow sometimes playing about in the in between) that clarity and manifestation time work cohesively and extraordinarily. Literally hundreds of dollars of specialty food that Posey is on due to her allergies began showing up on my front door in duplicate orders. The company had no record of this and told us to enjoy it! (Hmm, I’m liking this Brigid, keep talking…)

As I moved on to work with Isis and the two initiations she performs, I began experiencing much deeper understanding and compassion to each situation I got myself tangled up in. Boy do we tangle ourselves up sometimes without even realizing it. Those beliefs run deep, but they cannot hide from Isis. I found forgiveness to a betrayal I thought I might never find. Not the kind of forgiveness that comes with words, but the kind that literally changes how your heart beats its rhythm.

As I created the content with Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet, my body began to change, interestingly at first, like an inflammation response, a protection of the deep inner work occurring. She began speaking in my dreams to continue to work at night. Her story is nothing like what you may know and she cannot wait to share it with you. Her love for you, is beyond anything I could ever say in words, you must experience it and her first hand.

And as I moved to Viviane, another Goddess who’s true story is veiled in shadow, (and nothing like what you’ve been told about her and Merlin) she receives you after Sekhmet and begins to show you how to use your new skill set you’ve learned from the others, and travel both time and space with them. Viviane is incredibly wise and does not share her magic with just anyone. You have to be ready and you have to be pure of heart for your meeting with her. During this phase of the work I was exhausted and needed a lot of rest for my body and my mind to be able to receive the adjustments.

Upon completion of each point on the Wheel I can honestly say that I have never felt such deep love and compassion, protection and assistance from my ancestors, from those who deeply love me on the other side, who want to guide me and work with me for the rest of the time that I am here. This comes with the exception of Griffen and Sam of course.

This work is a profound extension, because it is feminine. It is for every woman who feels the deep inner Soul calling for the love that never seemed to reach you, the power that was taken away from you, and the wisdom that your Soul has always known and has guided you here, back to them, the wise Goddesses who have been waiting to work with you. This is why they have joined together to create the Wheel of Magic.

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Wishing you profound insight into your deepest feminine power,


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…every private session and online event is a sacred space, where we also share our souls

I am so comforted by the insights I got about how our beloved animal companions are welcomed on the other side when they transition, and the beautiful and gracious, loving support and guidance they receive in adjusting to life without their body. It was a deeply moving and lifechanging experience. I will return to this place again. Thank you Sam and Griffen, thank you Meg for leading the way. I could not be more grateful.

— Leida for Animal Soul Contracts

Look what I found to do….with my clear phone case (I have a 6 plus)I can keep my chosen card with me throughout the day….

— Gina for She-Witch Oracle Deck

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