Just out of curiosity were you feeling out of sorts last week?

Yes, I know we moved into the 11:11 and a new moon, and those are indeed enough, but in addition, it was midterm election night here in the U.S. last Tuesday, and in a Country quite divided, the energy was palpably swirling.

The power at our house clicked off at 8:00pm and was not restored until 3:00am. I did not watch any of the voting results as they were coming in. It was a time of quiet reflection, in the woods, in our little Colonial lit up by candlelight, and I loved it.

The next evening, I could not explain what I was feeling. It didn’t feel like it had anything to do with the outcome of the elections, but there was a wave of sadness that swept over me. I sat alone, in our cozy living room, with a big mug of tea with candles lit and sobbed. I can’t remember the last time I sobbed…likely shortly after my accident in February.

Following that energy trail, it felt like grief, and then the pieces started to come together for me. My back went out of alignment and I saw the chiropractor twice, he just happened to get me in last minute, even on a Saturday morning.

I called to book a massage and there were no availabilities, but the gal on the other end of the line said “hold on a minute, my computer screen just flashed and now we have an 11:00am tomorrow morning.” I gratefully knew my team was taking good care of me.

I arrived to my appointment and after explaining about my sudden back mis-alignment, I also mentioned my persistent knee issues, which should be resolved by this point. Once again, magic. She spoke of muscle memory and myofascial work, something a friend of mine recently suggested I seek out. I couldn’t find anyone in my area doing this kind of “reprogramming” work and told her so, to which she replied “well I do.” Not only did my team create an opening for a massage but with the exact therapist I needed to begin to retrain my quad muscles and fascia to let go of the trauma memory.

After returning home, feeling wonderful, my husband tried to start my car and it was dead. Like dead, dead. Turns out my car, all of a sudden, needed a new battery. My computer then ran out of memory suddenly (it was at 50% just last week) and needed an upgrade and the chiropractic office called to say their power went out just after I left.

I started to feel like an ungrounded live wire….

When I tracked it, it felt like we just took another step on the path of changes ahead, and as the earth continues her shift, we humans also continue ours. Those of us who feel we are here with deep purpose may be feeling some grief as I did last week, sensing the passing of the next point of no return. As humanity takes one step further into advancing the great changes to come, we as spiritual beings also took one giant step forward in our agreements for being here and our work ahead.

Because I am a very literal person, these shifts appear quite literally in my life. The grief was very real for me, and the energetic reset almost comically undeniable. (I’m not sure my husband would agree, and so far he’s still not letting me anywhere near his technology…)

After getting a new battery in my Jeep, an upgrade to my laptop and body work to realign me, I completed our newest class, Astral Projection- and once again, you just can’t make the timing up.

As the world becomes denser, we become lighter and stronger.

Those who are called forth (and most importantly, those who are willing to do the inner work) to hold the frequencies of light around the globe will reset. That can look like a complete change of your life, job, friends, living arrangements, and so on.

Interestingly enough, we just completed our first 4 Week Self-Mastery Series: Becoming the woman your Soul already knows series, and many of us were experiencing this kind of shift in our worlds, from the deep inner work we had been doing together. I suspect Sam and my team knew all along what was just around the corner, planned the timing of the course specifically, and were making sure those who were called to participate were resetting and realigning in a very sacred and protected space.

It is at times like these that I know my team sees and plans it all….Sam was nudging me to finish Astral Projection right after, and now I’m beginning to understand why.

So, with deep appreciation for him and his wisdom, we are excited to present our newest class …


Most spiritual teachers have taught Astral Projection as a divination tool. A way to investigate our divinity, our molecular permeability. What if it was also a tool to be yielded to trust our own Soul more, our truth in not just our divine nature (as the guru’s intended) but what if it was also an actual tool on the path back to the Soul Lit way of living?

What if learning this practice assisted you to track your own creation process and validate it?
Imagine using astral projection as a tool to increase your psychic ability and deepen your spiritual practice. What if you could literally train yourself to travel in energetic form as naturally as you get out of bed everyday and drive to work? What if was also a tool to ground yourself in your spiritual knowing that you are multidimensional, and your Soul does not need home security cameras, or data mining to “read any person or situation.”

What would you use it for? What would happen to privacy? How would you manage your energy and energetic boundaries differently? Do animals see astral projections? What about integrity?

This class is going to teach you “my team’s version” of Astral Projection and how to use it to advance your Spiritual Practice. You will learn to use it as a tool to strengthen and grow your trust in your spiritual abilities, for the purpose of your own expansion and understanding, of who you are and what you are capable of.

Then we take you on 3 astral projection journeys.

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With deep wishes for a gentle reset along your path….

If you want to study with me personally, be sure to check out my private session work available and my new course Trust Yourself Trust Your Soul 

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