Are Your Distractions Distracting You?

In this month’s segment for the VirtualLight Broadcast on ESPAVOtv, I speak about an energy trajectory that has crossed into 2020 and how it is affecting us. We also discuss the many distractions in the world set up to keep you angry, resistant, depressed and fed upon. I show you how to track that and where your energy and focus is better spent. You have access and power to create a better life and better world, but first you have to step back without judgement and see how you’ve been running your game.

I will be teaching much more about what we used to know but have forgotten, our incredible relationship to Nature Intelligence and following the natural rhythms and cycles to aid you in your Self-Mastery process, in the Walking Between the Worlds program with Steve & Barbara Rother now available at

For those who feel the deep yearning within them for something more…

…more meaningful, more soulful, more in-tune,

This one’s for you.

Hi, I’m Meg, welcome to!

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You can also find me on Amazon and check out my book “Conversations with Dog: Making an Ordinary Life Extraordinary“. I will tell you only what my wisest teacher told me; “Do you believe in miracles? Because we’re going to create one, but you’re going to have to trust me.”

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What my amazing clients have to say

…every private session and online event is a sacred space, where we also share our souls

The Goddess Wheel Program is an outstanding mix of unique spiritual information about the 4 Goddesses, guided meditations, and tools to for ongoing dialogue with these powerful deities.  This was my first experience with these Goddesses, and I love having ongoing conversations with them now, using the methods Meg provided.  I received profound insights into my challenges during the course and continue to do so.  I love connecting my Wheel to the other students in the course and feel their support.  It’s hard to articulate all the benefits of this work.  If you love spiritual growth with a magical, feminine slant, you will love this course.

— Lynne Klippel, Author and Publisher, Thomas Noble Books for The Goddess Wheel of Magic

My life was getting busier and busier with little time to do things (with work and with private life). I was feeling that I was losing having control over my life in general. But, your session made me realize that I was doing that to myself! My story seems to be well weaved into my mind, and I did not even notice that the way I live was based on that belief.  Now that I know the source of my issues, I am looking forward to shifting to a new pattern that will serve me better for my new future! Thank you Meg, for giving me a great session.  I feel so much better knowing that I have the power to change the reality!

Kuniko for Soul Shifting Session

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