Are You in Right Relationship with the God(dess) Within You?

In this month’s segment for the VirtualLight Broadcast on ESPAVOtv, I speak about the importance of being in right relationship with the god(dess) within us. Our relationship to Nature is a reflection of our collective relationship with all that is around us and as a result, the God/Goddess within us. We have strayed far from our Ancestral art of communing with the Gods.

Nature is showing us that the human game on earth is cracking apart. As we witness this, we have to start to ask different questions. Every human being is currently feeling a bit of a hole within them and trying to fill it. I discuss the Soul Connection vs the Human Perspective and the deep need for reconnection vs disconnection.

For the ones who know in the deepest levels of their hearts that we are only ever disconnected from ourselves…


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What my amazing clients have to say

…every private session and online event is a sacred space, where we also share our souls

I am so blessed to know these two angels, Meg and Griffen…opening for me the doors of a magical world where miracles are possible and abundant. And they are opening the doors of animal wisdom for humanity. They helped me ( us together with my dear cat), in their hardest days , always so generous, loving, kind and open hearted.

Their company is so uplifting and encouraging. Its a real blessing to get to know you. You gave the world to me, for which I will forever feel grateful.

— Melike for Animal Soul Contract Session

I asked Meg to reconnect with my beautiful Bayley who passed last March. Meg is so wonderful and empathetic in understanding the loss when a much loved pet has transitioned. What Bayley had to say during that session is both amazing and mind blowing and of course, emotional. Bayley was keen to reassure me that she was always with me and working with me…

I feel blessed that I found Meg, in fact it was on the day of Bayley’s passing – how synchronistic. I would wholeheartedly recommend that anyone who is grieving over their loss should contact Meg, Not only for her comforting words but also to show us that you truly ‘don’t know what you don’t know.’

— Ruth for Animal Soul Contract Session

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