We’re All In This Together.

I am an Author, Mentor, Animal Lover and Alchemist.  I teach women (and a few really awesome men) how to find their courage and self-worth, to live a life they love, without drama, ego, fear or anger. True power comes from within and it does not need to yell or shout from a rooftop. I teach you how to remember your long buried inner wisdom through deep connection to yourself and to spirit.

In doing this you begin to live a life with what I call Soul. It gives you deep satisfaction knowing you are living with meaning and fulfillment, on your own terms and also providing great service to the world. When you live a life that you love with Soul you rise up and take your rightful place as an aligned creator and then a beautiful thing occurs, the collective of humanity also begins to shift. That’s what I call Soul Purpose.  The result of my work is a profound experience of Freedom and Confidence.

You were not born into this world to suffer, struggle, feel isolated or rejected, you agreed to come in order to Master your creator abilities. My work is dedicated to helping you remember that and teach you how.

I also have a very special place in my heart for work with Nature and animals. Nature is our ally, always willing to partner with us to co-create a thriving planet through a conscious human connection. I had a deep desire for a dog that I could talk to, who would communicate with me, one who would guide me and protect me. Little did I know…or did I? My Soul sure did.

I do my work through private sessions with people and also sessions with animals, online video teachings, monthly focus videos and articles. I am the author of Sacred Food the E-Book and  Conversations with Dog: Making an Ordinary Life Extraordinary.

How MegAdamson.net came to be

I began my career working for over 15 years in the film industry departing as the Key Accounts Manager for the number one Video Distributor in Canada. I was quietly, unconsciously asleep, partying and having a really great time. Big film studios picked us up in limos, took us to dinner, wined and dined us and life was fun.

After a near fatal illness in 2002 I experienced a spiritual awakening that opened my heart to a completely new understanding of “reality.” I became acutely aware that we are never alone. We have very customized “spirit teams” who are experts in what we are specifically here to Master in this lifetime and we each have a very important contribution to give while here on earth.

For more than a decade my mentor has been a globally renown Empowerment Facilitator and World Class Channel. I have trained in numerous modalities focusing on the Light Body, Physical Body, Energy Body, Brain functionality and the Unified Field of Consciousness. I also became a Certified Clinical Iridologist graduating at the top of my class and a personal raw food chef. I am a Conscious Entrepreneur, the founder of MegAdamson.net, Event Manager for Espavo.org & Paths2Empowerment.com and an elected Board Member of Espavo. I am also a contributing writer to Arianna Huffington’s project, Thrive Global.

My work is dedicated to helping as many people as possible create a life they love with Soul, living their special Greatness, and by doing so, assist in the collective upliftment of humanity.

We are so much more than we think we are….

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I lead workshops on Living with Soul Purpose and speak on topics such as Owning Your Magnificence, Learning to Listen to your Spirit Team, Setting your Dreams into Action through Energy Conversation, Health Alignment Through Nutrition and Personal & Spiritual Growth. If you have interest in hosting a gathering on these or other topics, feel free to contact me directly here.

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Author, Mentor, Animal Lover, Alchemist
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