It is my promise to you, that you will leave this course with a very practical system to use, understanding at much deeper levels who you are and the power of influence you hold over your own life and creations, as well as over the collective expansion. You will understand why your truths have been what they have been until now, and you will move through a series of teachings that guide you into a new version of yourself, outside the current matrix.

This class is the third of Sam’s teachings through Meg.

If you are not familiar with Sam or Griffen please see my Virtual Light Broadcast video on Sam here and my book Conversations with Dog: Making an ordinary life Extraordinary here.

This very special series will only be made available once a year and will be kept to a very limited group.
Beginning September 24, 2018 you will receive one recorded video class over one hour in length every Monday for four straight weeks. The following Sunday’s we will meet in a private Facebook group for registered attendees only, where we will discuss the previous week’s class and hold Q & A with me and my team. We will track anything you wish us to, pertaining to the material you just watched.

This series is designed to move you through fundamental stages of recognizing who you truly are, and what you are truly capable of.

Week 1: What is your deepest vulnerability?

We all have one main style of behavior that has caused a lot of pain in our lives, particularly in our past. We’re going to identify it and begin to understand how it is one of your most powerful soul tools. Then we’ll journey you backwards in time to find that vulnerability. It is always one of four that will be covered in detail in class.

Week 2: It’s not personal. It’s Karmic & it’s Soul Work

In week 2 we will discuss why everything feels so personal, and what it really means at the soul level. We cover the Karmic Wheel, individual karma, group karma, the aspects of God/Goddess, ending with a meditation journey into your karmic blueprint, meeting your soul group, karmic family and individual soul guides, while witnessing your soul contracts for this lifetime.

Week 3: Allowing the Light to Shine

In week three we discuss the Five Languages of Love and the Six Basic Human Needs. You begin to map out your new blueprint by identifying your dominant love language, your most desired human needs, the needs of the Soul and the set ups you create for yourself in order to move into Soul Mastery in this lifetime. Concludes with a meditation journey back in time to your most influential relationships, using your new soul level of understanding, beginning your blueprint shift.

Week 4: Anchoring your new Blueprint

In week four we recap weeks 1-3, in addition we begin to understand the true power and source of the feminine, astral projection and we anchor a new version of you with a new energetic blueprint. Concludes with a journey in present day and future time to locations most likely to trigger you as we overlay with your new understanding from your Soul Perspective. Concludes with a meditation journey to anchor your new Blueprint.

It is my promise to you, that you will leave this course with a very practical system to use, understanding at much deeper levels who you are and the power of influence you hold over your own life and creations, as well as the collective expansion. You will understand why your truths have been what they have been until now, and you will move through a series of teachings that guide you into a new version of yourself, outside the current matrix.

Freedom truly comes when one understands the limitless creative power they can yield at any moment, and the level of support at your beck and call. You were never meant to feel small or live with fear and self-doubt. You were meant to thrive, but no one taught you to add consciousness into the equation. ~ Meg

Due to the intense personal nature of this course, attendance is first come, first served and will be kept to a very small and intimate number.

Once registered for this series, you will be lifetime members, granted access every year free of charge as the program is re-released including any and all updates and edits. We are here to support you on your path back to wholeness.

Length: 5 hrs video tutorials
4 private Facebook Live Q & A (will go up to 90 minutes each for Q & A and discussions.)

Downloads Available: in both Video (mp4) and Audio (mp3)

How to download and see the video series: Place the product in your shopping cart and follow the check out process. When the payment is completed, you will receive an email with the MP3 links to download  plus a link to a “Complete Viewing Page” where a high resolution version is available to view and MP4 downloads are located. Or, you can log in and click “my account” on the top menu bar that will direct you to the download links and viewing page.

Video classes will be released each Monday by 11:00am Eastern Time.

Course Dates:

Next Launch October 2019.

What People Are Saying

“4-week Self Mastery Series” was such an intense and deep introspection period for me to find out my deepest vulnerability. It was hard and difficult sometimes, but focusing on my own vulnerability made me release my old belief system and gave me a new relationship with my husband. Each guided meditation channeled by Meg in every week’s video also gave me huge understanding of myself. I will never return to the woman who did not have her power and did not trust herself. Thank you so much Meg, and I also appreciated to have such beautiful soul sisters in the “She Wisdom” group. I love you all!
— Love Emiko

The information presented in this series shifted my life in ways that will continue to unfold during the months and years ahead. I am not the same person I was before embarking on this journey of deep self-reflection. Meg created a safe space filled with non-judgment, compassion and wisdom. The material she presented was unique, motivational and it spoke to me on an emotional and soul level. Meg’s insights and guidance from her Team was spontaneous and inspiring!
— Anna

Meg led our intimate She-Wisdom group in a powerful four-week workshop of mastery, as we plunged our own deepest depths and vulnerabilities in real time world events and held space for each other in truly soul and collective conscious shifting overlays and work. I am still integrating the work but the shifts were powerful and the effects apparent in not just my day-to-day, but hour-to-hour. Life has both sped up and slowed down. Working with Meg opens up very practical processes that can be applied to your spiritual journey and make sense of the esoteric as it applies to your lived experience in this dimension and world.
— Lisa Jane

Because I am an organized person, I appreciated the structure of this course. Every week was a building block in a progression towards awareness. This course has changed me profoundly. I can choose to not live it, but I can never say, “I did not know”. Meg and her team created a safe and loving place for participants to express their deepest feelings. I feel deep gratitude and love for Meg and the beautiful and courageous women who journeyed with me. Meegwetch (Native for Thank-you.)
― Francine

Even though we have touched on many of the subjects discussed in the Self Mastery Course before in private sessions, this time it hit me in my soul in a way it never has before. There is no way I will ever wander back into all the ways my life reflected my deepest vulnerability . My thoughts have changed as well as my actions. My team is always on my shoulder to remind when needed. Thank you again for this life altering course. I feel very fortunate.
— Fran

All of Meg’s courses have the potential to be life changing, if you open yourself to it. This one goes way beyond that, it took me to a place inside myself that I did not realise existed and I will never look at this Earthly life the same way again – my perspective has completely shifted. A deep, heartfelt thanks to you Meg, and to your team. Your guidance and wisdom were like a warm embrace to steady me as I faced my deepest challenges. Namaste.
― Leida


I was the last one to register for Meg’s 4-week Self Mastery class and I am glad I jumped in! The insights she shared with us took me on a journey like no other I have had the privilege to experience. Her wisdom on vulnerabilities is ground breaking because in my opinion, it brings people to their core issue and allows them to see how this issue, this belief, controls every relationship and every aspect of their lives. Not so we may be victims but to take responsibility and truly transform this imprint and all it’s ‘consequences’. I personally saw immediate results in my primary relationship and, after quite a roller coaster, am now seeing big, positive shifts in my work and how I relate to my life in general. It’s about being and staying connected, to my soul, to my Self, to my guides… No matter what! Meg’s Self Mastery class continues to be a work in progress but one I am very happy to have in my tool kit because it is a very empowering vision change… And it also changes your life because when you change the inside the ‘outside’ has to follow. Thank you Meg, thank you Sam, Griffen and Miss Posey.
— Caroline