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It is my promise to you, that you will leave this course with a very powerful understanding of who you are, what you are capable of and a practical and powerful guidance system to navigate your journey with. You were told so much that wasn’t true, as you unravel it and realign, you begin to increase your power, your instinct, your insight and your ability to manifest your life as you wish to.


This very special series is now available at any time. Once registered, you will be invited to join the private Facebook group where my team and I will track and respond to your questions as you move through the Modules. This series is designed to move you through fundamental stages of recognizing who you are and what you are truly capable of.

Week 1: The Feminine. Your Source of Power

Displaced Anger lives within every single woman. Once you understand your deepest vulnerability and your story, you begin to dive deeper into the layers of self-exploration. When others are no longer responsible for our happiness, why do we feel deep anger, frustration or loathing at times?

This question will be answered and will set us up for the experience an introduction to your source of power, the womb. You will learn about the Moon and why it is such a navigational tool for women and power.

Together we will balance your lower chakras, and recognize that sexual energy when used correctly has some of the same properties of the God/Goddess

Infinite Love/ Expressions of Joy/ Infinite Creativity/ Self-Knowledge

Ends with a meditation journey to prepare you for Week 2

Week 2: The Original Wound of Women

Before we can embrace the Inner Goddess, first we must travel back to our original wound, from where all bargaining commenced. Here we will visit the original wound source, it is the same for every woman alive today, but each of our circumstances and life experiences of it differ.

Together we will travel to the original fire and discover where and how we turned against one another and centuries of passed down wisdom. Together we will take an oath and repair the connection to our ancestry.  We will witness what we have sacrificed and transform ourselves from within.

The original wound is responsible for all aspects of bargaining that we do in life, all allowing and tolerance for what should not be tolerated, and all denial of that which should be held accountable. Out of a primal instinct to survive, women, over centuries of time, have sold themselves out, stripping us of our power. Through this transformative fire, and a desire to awaken and reconnect to yourself and your original wisdom, you can heal your original wound and reconnect to your divine source of power. Ends with an extremely powerful 30 minute meditation journey. Prepare to need some quiet time after this class!

Week 3: Celestial Alignment and Manifestation

In Week 3 we come into alignment with your natural state of being. You will learn how to know when you are in it, how to access it at any time, and how to use it as a powerful baseline for your creation process. This is the energy conduit of manifestation between celestial realms and the current physical realm we reside in. You will begin to learn The Mapping Process. Closes with a meditation journey taking you through a new alignment and and introduction to the Mapping Process.

Week 4: The Mapping Process- Shifting from Duality into Oneness

From the journey to the original wound, you found the original source of betrayal of yourself, a time where you gave your power away for the very first time. Since that time, and that soul fragment, duality within you was born. Shame hidden by overachieving, lack of self-worth masked by people pleasing…and so on. You’ve been living a dualistic life ever since.

First we find and return the fragment, then we become aware of the wound (self beliefs) then we begin to merge from a state of light and dark,  interior, exterior- and begin to merge- into a state of Oneness.

In a state of oneness, we look at all experiences as opportunities to reunite with our God/Goddess self and better understand our creator abilities. In week 4 we teach the most comprehensive component I think we have ever taught. Our Mapping Process is designed to give you a system to work with that will yield results, once you have traveled through Weeks 1-3.

Bonus Material

There are two additional PDF workbooks filled with bonus material in addition to the 4 Week Series. There was so much content we wanted to cover, they became additional bonus material.

It is my promise to you, that you will leave this course with a very powerful understanding of who you are, what you are capable of and a practical and powerful guidance system to navigate your journey with. You were told so much that wasn’t true, as you unravel it and realign, you begin to increase your power, your instinct, your insight and your ability to manifest your life as you wish to.

You are born from the Cosmos and can reconnect to your origins, while being grounded here on earth. You are part of the Goddess, and she is inviting you back home, to remember, to realign, to re-emerge and to reign ~ Meg

Due to the intense personal nature of this course, attendance is only available for those who attended Level 1. If you feel you are an exception to this, and wish to fast track by studying Level 1 at your own pace and joining into Level 2 you may write to me directly and explain.

Once registered for this series, you have unlimited viewing access.

Length: over 5 hrs video tutorials
4 private Skype Live Q & A (will go up to 90 minutes each for Q & A and discussions.)

Downloads Available: in both Video (mp4) and Audio (mp3)

How to download and see the video series: Place the product in your shopping cart and follow the check out process. When the payment is completed, you will receive an email with the MP3 links to download  plus a link to a “Complete Viewing Page” where a high resolution version is available to view and MP4 downloads are located. Or, you can log in and click “my account” on the top menu bar that will direct you to the download links and viewing page.

This program is now a self-managing series. My suggestion is that you do one Module per week, over 4 weeks to keep your expansion and momentum building.

This course was originally presented live and included Skype calls. It is now available at anytime for everyone, without any live calls. Questions can be posted in our private Facebook community, where my team and I will respond. To be added to the FB group, register for the course and send an email request here.

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What my amazing clients have to say

…every private session and online event is a sacred space, where we also share our souls

Thank you, Meg, for sharing your self-tested program on how to map our inner landscape, not just through the moon phases, but finding the trigger points and old unconscious stories we tell ourselves – like Ground Hog Day! Self Mastery Level II had a profound impact on my life and how I can work with the energies that are part of the natural world, including the Moon phases that call for set times of personal introspection and action steps. Taking back my power as a women means that I draw upon my personal strengths, gifts, talents and abilities and use them in a conscious way that is honoring, respectful and nurturing. When we are in integrity with our deepest truth, there is no need to look outside ourselves for what we think we are missing. By the power of positive thinking, we become conscious creators of our personal reality. Nothing is left to chance nor can we blame others for what we lack. Authentic living happens when we are aligned with the truth of our Soul. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who may have doubts about how powerful you really are!

— Anna for Self-Mastery Level II

I feel honored to be a part of the amazing women of Self Mastery Level II. Even more grateful for the work and time Meg and her team put in to give us all a true experience that was life changing. We have learned to totally take responsibility for our lives past, present and future. I have said this before but now I realize how much information I was missing like how to change the self-defeating cycles that we all get caught up in without realizing it. This work is for the truly serious spiritual women who are ready to produce positive change in your lives. The support group that we formed was truly a gift. Thank you to all of you.

— Fran for Self-Mastery Level II

I just want to say how much I have uncovered & learned following the Self-Mastery II. I have studied many leading teachers and I have to say this course both I & II really opened up doors that I have kept blocked and did not know why? In the second module of “She Wisdom” Self- Mastery we delved right into the core of the issue to unearth & reveal why & how it needed healing and the steps guidance, nurturing & encouragement to succeed. I would recommend this to anyone who is finding themselves at an impasse. Your insights & tracking skills have allowed me a deeper sense of peace, joy & light heartedness plus the tools to get back in “my own lane” quickly & efficiently to allow the bliss to flow.
So very grateful for you & your “She Wisdom”. Thank-you!

— Brenda for Self-Mastery Level II

How many times have I read, “It all starts with loving Self.” Nobody ever lovingly mapped out how to attain that state…until this course. How many times have I heard, “You are never a victim of anything or anybody?” Nobody ever showed me, without judgement, how deeply rooted this belief was, and how it reflected my actions…until this course. How many times has one small incident set me off, sometimes unconsciously, and it snowballed into full-blown drama? Nobody ever taught me a method to back track, find the source and diffuse it…until this course. Nobody ever told me that Self-Mastery was possible for all…until this course. Self-Mastery is not about control…it is about living my life the way I am meant to live it, CONSCIOUSLY, in Joy, Abundance and Gratitude, as a woman who chose to be here at this time in the history of mankind.

— Francine for Self-Mastery Level II

These two Self-Mastery courses have really shifted the trajectory of my life. First, by learning what I was doing and why and in the second course, learning how to track what I’ve been up to, and learning to turn things around. I went from feeling “ pushed around” by a family member & dreading having to deal with them, to openly telling them “nope, I can’t help you with that” and seeing them react with shock! And I know it was from what I was learning & practicing from Level Two. I’ve also been humming along, happier than I can remember being & all kinds of wonderful things are happening in my life. New healing opportunities & chronic pain GONE are two I could mention. I’m taking concrete steps towards a project that’s been in my heart & mind for a while now. And did I mention, joy????? I wake up happy to greet the day!

Thanks again Meg, for being our bold & fierce lioness, showing us a path that brings us back to our true selves!!!! I look forward to continuing:))))

— Karen (roar!) for Self-Mastery Level II

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