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You have a unique gift to share with the world. Please don’t hide or settle for less than your dream.
You Matter. Your Contribution Matters. Especially now because…look around.
Sometimes life can become overwhelming and difficult to comprehend why or how we create the circumstances that get in the way of our joy.
It all starts with understanding what your Soul wants you to Master…


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Hi. I’m Meg.

I’m the author of Conversations with Dog: Making an ordinary life Extraordinary, founder of the She-Wisdom School and creatrix of the She-Witch Oracle Deck.

I’m a Mentor, Animal Lover and Alchemist. I teach women how to ignite their Courage and Self-Worth, to live a life they love with Soul Purpose, in a way that actually works and isn’t fluffy crap.

Anything can change your life, I’m more interested in guiding you to Master it.  You have deep wisdom within you,  I’m here to shake it loose.


Here’s what’s been on my mind, what might be useful to consider, and what hopefully lifts you up into your own sovereign space.

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Soul Nurturing for the Holidays

Not so much to be part of the “buy it you’ll feel better culture” rather more of a if your body and soul call out for extra balancing of heart [...]

The Energy Conversation is Real

I’ve always been a literal spiritualist if there is such a term. It means, that whatever I am experiencing energetically will also create a physical manifestation as well. Sounds great [...]


Dive deeply into contemplation of what matters most to you.

Sisters Unite
Straight Talk on Life and Love
Animal Reflections
Thriving – Like you mean it
Spirituality – Livin’t it and Lovin’ it


Self-care conversations and tools committed to life, love and thriving.

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What’s in your nest?

In this month's segment for the VirtualLight Broadcast on ESPAVOtv, I speak about the time between now and the Solstice and the importance of building our nest. I explain the [...]

Celebrating Samhain

In this month's segment for the VirtualLight Broadcast on ESPAVOtv, I speak about attending and presenting at the recent Espavo Master Healer conference in Las Vegas and tie some connections [...]

Are Humans Sustainable?

In this month's segment for the VirtualLight Broadcast on ESPAVOtv, I speak about sustainable farming, CISA, or Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture. What is CISA? Wikipedia says "Sustainable farming forgoes [...]


Dive in and experience alternative ways of honoring that gorgeous body of yours that houses your beautiful Soul.

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Chocolate Mint Swirl

Ingredients 1 1/2 cups cashew nut milk 2 handfuls fresh spinach 1/2 tbsp cacao powder 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp vanilla powder pinch sea salt 2 pitted dates 2 frozen bananas [...]

Green Goddess Juice

  I am in love with these new mugs I spotted on amazon, they say "Family Recipe" on them. Sentimental, I know, but they're awesome. I feel like I'm sharing [...]

It’s a Pizza It’s a Cracker

My friends and I were at a loss... this cracker is so good it makes a great pizza crust too! Ingredients 1 cup cashews 1 cup almonds 1/3 cup flax [...]


There is no better insight if you are new to my work than to read what others have to say.
My heart swells with the level of Love received from around the world. I am truly grateful and blessed.

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Testimonials- Kathy

Meg, you write so beautifully, and always touch me deeply, and inspire and challenge me to step forward when I read your writings. You truly have a gift of clear [...]

Testimonials- Patsy

I honestly have to say I feel so much better after listening to the initial class. The “YOU DO YOU” statement resonated with one I had I had written months [...]

Testimonial- Gerry

I have used your She Witch oracle cards several times now and the outcomes are amazing!! The messages are to the point, at the right moment and really answer my [...]