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Hi. I’m Meg.

I’m the author of Conversations with Dog: Making an ordinary life Extraordinary. I’m also a Mentor, Animal Lover and Alchemist. I teach people how to find their courage and self-worth, to live a life they love with Soul Purpose, in a way that actually works and isn’t fluffy crap. Some people don’t get me at all. Others say I saved their life. Read on and decide for yourself.


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Live with Soul

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Sacred Food E-Book

This book is the culmination of a three-year healing journey I embarked upon after being diagnosed with IBS and Hashimoto’s auto-immune disease. It contains over 130 recipes, each containing a custom intention designed to align your mind with your body and your soul together. This magical triad has the potential to transform you- if you allow it- to a newly restored human who embraces his or her Divine Self and recognizes the power of the mind when in communication with the body at the guidance of the Soul.

Messages to Inspire You

The Mystery Never Leaves You Alone

“The Angelic Kingdom is working in co-operation with Nature Consciousness and is opening its arms wide to the collective of Humans who have the courage to ask bigger questions and listen for the answers.” []

Videos to Ignite Your Fire

What You Focus On Intensifies

This month I ask you to consider Quantum Observation through the principle that What You Focus on Intensifies. I speak about personal experience with this over the last month and I share  how to use it in daily practice to direct your creation powers. […]

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