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Hi. I’m Meg.

I’m the author of Conversations with Dog: Making an ordinary life Extraordinary. I’m also a Mentor, Animal Lover and Alchemist. I teach people how to find their courage and self-worth, to live a life they love with Soul Purpose, in a way that actually works and isn’t fluffy crap. Some people don’t get me at all. Others say I saved their life. Read on and decide for yourself.

Featured Teaching

Imagine using astral projection as a tool to increase your psychic ability and deepen your spiritual practice. What if you could literally train yourself to travel in energetic form as naturally as you get out of bed everyday and drive to work? What would you use it for? What would happen to privacy? How would you manage your energy and energetic boundaries differently? Do animals see astral projections? This class covers this and much, much more…then we take you on 3 astral projections.” ~ Meg


An emotional, well scripted, biographical, insightful and an extremely powerful read. Highly recommended for those searching for meaning and purpose within their own lives. This book will direct you on your own path of your own self discovery. Written by a highly intuitive master who has spent her life on a Magical Quest to help others.
― Tara for Conversations with Dog

Meg has magically created a truly delicious sensual feast for the Soul. The aroma of the love infused in these recipes would put any body on the path of rich vibrant well being.  If it is time for some lifestyle changes this book is a path paved with ease and grace!
― Anya for Sacred Food E-Book


Dear Meg, I loooved this class! And the meditation was sooo powerful! I am definitely going to listen to this meditation again and again!
Thank you for empowering me once more!  It looks like each class is getting better and more powerful! Love to you and your team!! Until next time! xx Gerrie
~ Gerrie for Trust Yourself Trust Your Soul

I am so comforted by the insights I got about how our beloved animal companions are welcomed on the other side when they transition, and the beautiful and gracious, loving support and guidance they receive in adjusting to life without their body. It was a deeply moving and lifechanging experience. I will return to this place again. Thank you Sam and Griffen, thank you Meg for leading the way. I could not be more grateful.
~ Leida for
Animal Soul Contracts


As Meg’s words often do for me, they just clicked. I needed to be shaken a bit from where I was and at this time “just do you” was like hearing the words of Dog! Today, I feel like I had an egoectomy. I feel so relieved to know that I can stand in my power and honor rather than question my empathic tendencies and sensitivities. I can alter my self judgement and turn it into fierceness.
~ Fran for Parallel Overlay- Creating the world you want.

I do not know how I can tell my appreciation for today’s beautiful session. It has been passed only a day, but I already found myself that something has changed. Thank you so much for this opportunity and your wonderful and powerful support for my spiritual growth.
~ Emiko for 5 Words in Time

Thank you dear Meg for your words of wisdom and lighting the way for all of us to own our own gifts, as scary as it may be to let go of that mask of who I thought I was. Thank you sweet beautiful sister, today was a huge step for me. Thank you for playing a part in that and holding space for me to be able to do this!!
~ Binh for
Animal Soul Contracts


Live with Soul

I took a soul shifting session with Meg and it was mind blowing!! After some days of working with your tools and seeing wonderful results happening in my life, I realized that your were completely right!!
― Gerrie for Soul Shifting Sessions

I am so blessed to know these two angels, Meg and Griffen… opening for me the doors of a magical world where miracles are possible and abundant. And they are opening the doors of animal wisdom for humanity.
― Melike for Animal Soul Contract Session

I resonate deeply with Meg’s words, actions & revealing’s. She has a uncanny knack for knowing what is needed; it is like she see’s/hears into our Soul’s; like only another women can. What is amazing is that on some level it is exactly what we need.
― Brenda

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