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Live with Soul

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Connect Deeply Within and…Rise



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Sacred Food E-Book

This book is the culmination of a three-year healing journey I embarked upon after being diagnosed with IBS and Hashimoto’s auto-immune disease. It contains over 130 recipes, each containing a custom intention designed to align your mind with your body and your soul together. This magical triad has the potential to transform you- if you allow it- to a newly restored human who embraces his or her Divine Self and recognizes the power of the mind when in communication with the body at the guidance of the Soul.

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Hawk Medicine and Your Path for 2018

“The week between December 25 and January 1, 2018 is a most sacred time. It is like living between the worlds for 7 days of consideration and contemplation, as we reflect on the passing year and we build towards a new year..” []

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Winter Solstice – Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Within

The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of light and the longest time of darkness or night, therefore giving each of us the opportunity to work with releasing any residue from our shadow and karma we’ve been dancing with throughout the year. []

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Sharing the Love

I felt moved to take this journey to find my authentic self and it is much more than I expected. I feel shifts in my body. I find myself thinking different thoughts during the day. I look at others in the super market differently. Almost as if I have gone on vacation and everything is new again.

I listened to Module II of The Authentic Self this morning….without the picture….and I am still shaken. I remembered! Τhe Water Alchemy and the Authentic Self sessions are melding. Thank you, Meg, for bringing Viviane to us, and much gratitude to Viviane for agreeing to work with us…

If you are looking to work with someone who has mastered their energy and has the ability to assist you in mastering yours, then Meg is the woman for you.

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